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  1. stumog

    Shes back in action

    So after a small job turned into a full axle rebuild plus other jobs. I got my 80 back Here is a link to a weekend out near me. Its trying out a route for my laning business. Cheers
  2. stumog

    New toyota

    So after the constant bullying i have received from you guys and my child i have treated myself to a new vehicle. I could live with myself much longer with your horrible comments So hope this is better received. Nice start need to build her into a overland come work vehicle for Yeti...
  3. stumog

    Chrome cvs

    On the off chance anyone got a set of chrommoly cvs kicking about theyed part with? Need the shafts also Cheers
  4. stumog

    Went to Set up a treasure hunt today and....

    So went down on the plains to set up a treasure hunt I am running at the end of the month. Came across a bit to flex and play with lockers. Look at the flex Then slip I was just really checking for rust I am pretty lucky today. A few bits have been damaged but nothing that...
  5. stumog

    Summer sisters event

    Jun 20 weekend This site is amazing have had a walk around with KB earlier this year. Shall we see if we can get a club discount? Happy to.make the contact need to get rough numbers for the weekend. It's as easy or hard as you make it...
  6. stumog

    A little trip out

    So been working on something in the background that will be discussed with you all soon. This is a little by product of chatting to the right people. Have a gander at this vid and let me know your thoughts Cheers
  7. stumog

    Front runner fridge slide

    I am not going to use this slide if anyone is interested fits upto a 40l fridge. Will not fit my 50l NL I am not going to the ins and outs of the fridge slide. It's a slide happy to.measure it for someone. Looking for £120 ono Happy to take to either the overland show or lincomb
  8. stumog

    Collection in Newark?

    Is anybody near Newark that could collect a jet tent bunker for me? Cheers
  9. stumog

    285 75 16 tyres.

    Morning I am looking for 3 tyres in 285 75 16. My preference would be cooper st max but what is around. Only for a trailer so not looking for to much. Happy to take 4x if the right set are around. Cheers
  10. stumog

    Springs hitting bump stop

    So I have had a twag noise for sometime and keep checking what the noise was and found nothing untoward. As my cruiser has been sat with the wheel off for a week. I noticed the bump stop isn't in the middle of the spring for a start and been rubbing. Under further look found part hard peeled up...
  11. stumog

    Mid Wales trip....

    So to save clogging up the other post. I would like to start a new tread. So open invite to the first 6 cars to confirm. I am happy to lead and sort out the route. This will be a meet Friday night then up earlyish leave mid afternoon Sunday Would like to do the strata as not done for a long...
  12. stumog


    Has anyone got one used one would like to here thoughts on them please. Most of the Aussies seem to use them. Alot of the tracks round by me are over grown so can't do with a rooftent on. So this maybe a option. Was thinking of putting onto of a stretcher under the foxwing.
  13. stumog

    Nitro or longfields cv

    Has any one got a set of cromoly cvs they would part with please? What else to say?
  14. stumog

    Foxwing tapered sides

    Evening all I am up to something that I will offer to the club if I can sort it out. I need some help with someone measuring the angle on a foxwing tapered side please? Even better borrow one? Please help. Stu
  15. stumog

    Run upto easter weekend wc 15th April

    Anyone around at this time? I am going camping with my 4 year old and fancy doing the strata some point this week. going to be un the area all week so if anyone wants to join give me a shout Stu
  16. stumog

    Thoughts please

    What do you guys think of this. I get the history. I think I would want to find out the story from the owners. Hopefully going to look tomorrow. It's a big saving compared to...
  17. stumog

    Dreaded click click click

    Evening a'll So odd one went out to the cruiser this morning and got a click click click as if the battery was flat. I checked both batteries which were 12.39 and 12.40 so tested all fuses and tgey were all good. 1 fuse was a bit loose so sorted that still nothing. Then I thought sod it...
  18. stumog

    Just wow

    I really want one of these
  19. stumog

    255 60 18 tyres

    I am looking for the above tyre size my preference would be at2 but let me know what you have Any sizes a little larger would be considered Cheers
  20. stumog

    Hydraulic motor pump

    I am currently looking for either a 12v hydraulic pump or a v belt driven pump. Looking to run a.log splitter off the 80. If you have an.old log splitter also get in touch Cheers
  21. stumog

    Collection London required

    Hi chaps Is anyone travelling near morden London and then up to the overland show this weekend? Or that way then south west need some drop brackets collecting from Chas if his truck is not fixed by the weekend. Cheers
  22. stumog

    76 on the a370

    So I saw a lhd 76 in beige tonight on the a370 I waved as I thought it was rich sims but I don't think it was him. Didn't think his was lhd Who was it?
  23. stumog

    Spotted a38

    I saw a 79 double cab in white today on the a38 Bristol. Anyone on here? Lady was driving it.
  24. stumog

    Anyone near moorgate street London

    Hi all I wonder if anyone near moorgate street and fancy a beer Wednesday night? Regards Stu
  25. stumog

    England's biggest ship graveyard....

    So was looking for something to do today and found Purton ship wrecks so thought it was worth a trip out. I do love a bit of history. So it's about 15 mins off the motorway if anyone is heading to the south west and wants a good stop that a bit more interesting then the services
  26. stumog

    Goodwinch top company

    Just thought I would post and say what a great company goodwinch are. My winch was playing up so stripped down and found no issues so called for some advice at 5.45pm. They told me what to do and sent me some bits FOC postage and everything. This was Tuesday night today before 11am the parts...
  27. stumog

    Welsh extreme

    Hi all Anyone going to this It's on the 8th march would be a good giggle I think to watch the videos are pretty wild to watch. Thinking of camping over then. Stu
  28. stumog

    Which welder...

    So I have been looking for a new mig for ages but now I need to replace the 130amp one I have been struggling with. Looking for a 180 to 200amp single phase inverter welder. Any suggestions only used the kemppi which I can't stretch to right now. Anyone used the paraweld or the sif? Also...
  29. stumog

    Rear axle

    I have been offered a 95 but the rear axle casing needs replacing. Anybody have a rough price for a new one to an offer Stuart
  30. stumog

    80 series plus 50mm springs

    I have the set of springs off mine for sale. I think they are iron man but happy to be proved wrong. They gave me around a 50mm lift. Still have life left in them. Need them gone asap or will make some thing out of them not sure yet Silly offers considered Collect or delivery arranged by...
  31. stumog

    Shropshire tracks

    Morning Does anyone have a good set of GPX files for a trip in shropshire? Not looking to do to much but would be nice to take in a few lanes. Thanks
  32. stumog

    Night time ridgeway run

    Alright guys Sorry for the short notice but anyone fancy a run Saturday night down the ridgeway near Swindon? Trucks need to be in tip top as don't fancy waiting for the RAC in the middle of the night. Going to head to head south for a few miles. It's pretty easy going only 2 tracks that are...
  33. stumog

    Dive bottle for on board air?

    Does anyone on here use a dive bottle to pump up tyres and other jobs? I need one for a air rifle but wondered if it would replace a compressor?
  34. stumog

    How to replace aerial

    So I have been without a radio for some time due to hitting and breaking the aerial while offroad . It's been stuck 1/3 up and had no reception. While talking to nick he mentioned roughtrax do the sticky up part for £30 ish. So when in there last picked one up. Undo the metal lock ring I...
  35. stumog

    Lift needed

    Is anybody going somewhere near Durham? The seller on eblag will not post a brand new towbar. it 440mm long and weighs 15kg. Any ideas Cheers
  36. stumog

    Swingout spare wheel carrier

    So I have been busy the last few days build my swing out carrier. It's been made to accommodate up to a 35" tyres as you never really know what you will end up with. Going to also add a shelf above the tyre to hold chainsaws and other stuff I may not want in the boot going on. Need to do a...
  37. stumog

    ARB awning

    What's people thoughts on ARB awnings they seem to be very well priced compared to others that have a make on them, looking for something I can add sides/room onto. I don't want a fox wing liked the copy that Kb has but the newer one has plastic ends so not as keen. Anyone have a awning...
  38. stumog

    My new trailer....

    So I wanted to build my own trailer but in all fairness I don't have time between now and when I need it. Been looking for a few months lost a few and ended up with one. So this weekend was testing. Backed it up Thursday booked Friday off and happy days... Or not. Leaving home heard a squeak...
  39. stumog

    Oztent Rv 4 for sale

    Sorry for the lack of photos but Google is great. I am selling my Oztent due to buying a overland trailer so have to get rid of some stuff. This is in excellent condition has the following extras;- Both sides Extra guys Caravan connector Couple of extra poles. Sure there is more £600
  40. stumog

    Nearly road kill......

    I had a bit of a surprise driving home the other evening.
  41. stumog

    Wales not Really a 4x4 trip but i got a little in

    It was my wifes 30th and mum 60th this year they share the same birthday which is handy, My wife wanted to go away so she looked at cottages we could all stay in and this one popped up in Babel which stated dirt track at the bottom of the drive so I was sold. It was only £350 for a week for...
  42. stumog

    Cadac skottle braai

    I expect this will only be answered by a SAFA, I got a real south African skottle braai not the UK heath and safety version but a little unsure of what gas bottle to use thinking of a 907 but they don't have a tap to turn off the gas supply. Is this OK to us like that? Cheers Stuart
  43. stumog

    Aluminium box

    Hi guys I have an idea but I can remember where to buy some aluminium box with channels you can put bolts or nuts in. Can anyone help with a place or even a trade name? Cheers
  44. stumog

    100 series sub tank and filler.

    I have got a 100 series sub tank and filler neck at the moment if someone feels like making offer on. Will split up if need be. Is from a petrol 105 but the tank gits in the space on my 80 like it grew there. These are meant to be 65l as well. No strap Inc.
  45. stumog

    Camping recipes

    So i have been adding to the recipe book a bit and thought i could share what i have found. some i have tried some not I will take some pictures in future and would like others to add to the thread as they see fit. Stu
  46. stumog

    Cooper st max or bfg at2

    As per title? Thoughts please? Anybody on here got the AT2 both are around the same money if you shop around. By the way spoke to West coast and gave me the best price I could find on the at2. Need to sort something out pretty soon. Cheers Stu
  47. stumog

    Salisbury 2nd January.

    Anybody fancy joining in? I am not planing just a gentle day of hacking around the plains and a nice bbq for lunch. Anyone can join in as long as you have front and rear tow points. Just to add even standard cruisers can come along as it a nice open space. Any hard part has an easy out which...
  48. stumog

    really long shot

    Hi all I need a lift for my national luna fridge from brighouse area to maybe lincomb or some where further south. Any takers out there? Cheers Stu
  49. stumog

    IGN Maps

    Hi Does anyone have the digital IGN maps for france please? looking for them to plan a trip next summer. Cheers Stu
  50. stumog

    fancy a group buy?

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