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  1. white90

    Wheel bearing

    Thanks for the replies gents, now got the gloves for when she puts it back together☺. I think it's good for kids to do things with there hands, or just get out and about, spending hours on iPhones and computers isn't good for them. I agree on the spacers putting more stress on the bearings, I...
  2. white90

    Wheel bearing

    she's not discovered boys get thankfully, I told her she can t have a boyfriend until she's 35, and only then when I've interrogated him
  3. white90

    Wheel bearing

    She can repair it for me when I get too old to do it myself. Yes 30mmm spacers.
  4. white90

    Wheel bearing

    Front wheel bearing decided to destroy itself on the way home from Wales this weekend, no warning or noises just went bang. The outer bearing race has welded itself to the stub axle so that's scrap now aswell. Needed a new cv and drive flange that side anyway so at least it will all be done at...
  5. white90

    Ummm, forever Toyota Land Cruiser, I think?

    WTF? I have read your posts Kiera and members replies, and I can honestly say all replies to your posts have been polite friendly and courteous, I can't understanding your agreeing with someone who has posted on this site once and been disrespectful and condescending to members of this forum...
  6. white90

    Testing the 4WD

    The fact that only one wheel turns when jacked up and driving suggests it doesn’t, also forgot to say you need the handbrake off when testing it.
  7. white90

    Testing the 4WD

    He’s only jacked up one wheel so it won’t drive until the centre diffs locked
  8. white90

    Testing the 4WD

    Center diff acts like an axle diff, it needs resistance both ends to work, if you jack one front and one rear up and drive it may only spin one wheel, either the front or the back, lock the centre diff and it should drive both ends.
  9. white90

    Testing the 4WD

    Won’t work unless you lock the centre diff
  10. white90

    Ridiculous idea.

    Get it all the time at the side of the road, Renault ones are almost impossible to get to, that’s progress and technology for you!
  11. white90

    Happy Boy!

    That's a beautiful looking truck, should be in the porn section though.
  12. white90

    My '96 FZJ80, HogarthThe80

    That crack doesn't look particularly catastrophic, and its not near a water jacket, simple stich repair if the rest of the heads ok.
  13. white90

    My '96 FZJ80, HogarthThe80

    Sorry to see the head gaskets blown.... on the plus side no6 pistons squeaky clean!
  14. white90

    105 Rear wiper -- Haunted !!!

    Not got a 105 so know nothing about them, all I can suggest is anything that's run by an ECU is a pain in the arse. Before you go mad and rip everything apart do a battery disconnect for 10min, it may just be the ECU has thrown pissy fit, like a home pc, throws a pissy and nobody knows why...
  15. white90

    Headlight options

    LED mate, they work great, I had hid in mine but you need headlamps with clear glass that the 80 hasn’t got, so the beam gets scattered, hence why every body is flashing you.
  16. white90

    Dirt Every Day - Netflix

    That's the trouble with Netflix Clive, unlike Amazon Netflix stream all episodes of a series so you end up binge watching them, I've gone to work many a time looking like a zombie after watching Netflix all night.
  17. white90

    New in dorset

    Welcome Garry, we like pictures.
  18. white90

    Cruisers and their equals

    The 3 litre engine in the patrols last about 10min before they explode, the 2.8 was good and the 4.2 was bullet proof ......the 80 series cruiser has no equal.
  19. white90


    It needs Toyota axles in it as well, even with Ashcroft stuff in the axles they won't take serious abuse, if you put stronger shafts in all it means is the next weakest link gets destroyed usually the crown wheel and pinion, ask me how I know.
  20. white90


    Why if he’s spent all that cash on it, does he go and put cheap shit tyres on it.
  21. white90

    Karl at Landcruiserparts

    Cheers Karl, lifesaver.
  22. white90


    Chas you will never be able to understand moons like this, their mentality is beyond the comprehension of normal sane people, they deserve to be shot.
  23. white90

    Krown rusproofing - discount available?

    Chas don't know what you mean by strange accents, around here we all speak proper English like wot the queen does.
  24. white90

    Snow Watch

    You’re missed must really love you, or she’s after something getting out in the snow to take a picture of the cruiser
  25. white90

    Snow Watch

    It’s typical, the only time I hadn’t got my phone with me.
  26. white90

    Snow Watch

    Took the dogs to the common this morning before work, lots of snow down the lanes that no one had driven, towed an rac flat bed up a hill on the back, 'twas awesome to get out in the truck....... now for work in a crap transit.
  27. white90

    Snow Watch

    Snow in Wolverhampton at last, got to work today though so can't play in the truck, bloody typical.
  28. white90

    Snow Watch

    That's always made me chuckle, why when it snows does everybody run to the shops to buy bread and milk, are they going to live on bread pudding till the snows gone.
  29. white90

    Diesel filter won't prime

    So you've solved the primer by priming the primer, still a fault in the primer, it should just lift fuel by pumping it, if it doesn't it's faulty.
  30. white90

    Diesel filter won't prime

    Mechanical on an 80, same principal on all diesels, except the ones which the manufacturer doesn't fit a primer pump, which is the stupidest idea in the world.
  31. white90

    Animal's 120 journey - Meet Lilly

    Panic over, nice truck btw.
  32. white90

    Diesel filter won't prime

    Primers playing up the one way valve or the diagrams split, I never use mine, just crank it over and hold throttle to the floor, it'll go eventually.
  33. white90

    I bet you've never seen one this shiney.

    That's not a very good ashtray, there's a hole in the bottom.
  34. white90

    Immobilisers for 80 series

    I agree on the disclock, I also leave the transfer box in neutral, I figure the thick thieving twits will have no idea why it won't drive.
  35. white90

    Which alarm would you recommend?

    Yes comes with two remotes that operate the original central locking.
  36. white90

    Stolen Landcruiser Help

    Looking at that picture of it burnt out makes me feel sick to the pit of my stomach, god only knows how the owner feels, hangings too good for the scumbags.
  37. white90

    Which alarm would you recommend?

    I had a cat one fitted sigma alarm with a key pad so if they get hold of the keys it still won't start, 300 quid all in. I also put a steering wheel lock on I also park it on the drive and put it on full lock with the front wheels facing the wall so it can't be dragged onto a transporter. I know...
  38. white90

    New to forum with question on 80 series

    Have pics been mentioned yet?
  39. white90

    Rear heater bypass

    Whitey? In this day and age that could be misconstrued as racist lol
  40. white90

    Rear heater bypass

    Take the pipes off that run to the rear heater then loop a piece of heater hose to the connections.
  41. white90

    Toyota alloy wheels

    Karl Webster might buy em cos he's only got 400 sets at the moment
  42. white90

    Chas' HMS Phoenix

    Glad it's all sorted Chas, truck looks awesome
  43. white90

    1986 BJ70 Rear Axle Rebuild - Help Needed

    Looks to me like you've got calipers for a solid non vented rotors, check the parts catalogue to see if that axle comes with vented or non vented rotors, you need the calipers to match the rotors vented or non vented, hope this helps
  44. white90

    My Lj70 '86 from Italy

    Cool truck mate, looking good, don't worry about your English, it's better than mine, and I'm English
  45. white90

    Devon 4x4 - Anyone dealt with these guys?

    Great to deal with, good stock selection, prices akin to being kicked in the bullocks.
  46. white90

    Took delivery yesterday

    Congrats on the purchase Matt, but without pics it never happened.
  47. white90

    Stupid is as stupid does...

    Without pics it never happened lol. Congrats on the purchase.
  48. white90


    Hey Matt welcome, I feel your Landover pain that's why I bought an 80 series cruiser, no more lying underneath fixing it every other day, have a look on the vehicle specific sections all the info you need will be there, regards Darren.