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  1. white90

    Wheel bearing

    Front wheel bearing decided to destroy itself on the way home from Wales this weekend, no warning or noises just went bang. The outer bearing race has welded itself to the stub axle so that's scrap now aswell. Needed a new cv and drive flange that side anyway so at least it will all be done at...
  2. white90

    Beauty and the Beast

    Had to take my 13 year old daughter to see this tonight, really poor excuse for a film, no xmen in it, no avengers, no expendables, no Jedi, no starships and no aliens, I'm now lying on the settee in my Jedi robe drinking tea out of my star wars mug while watching the force awakens trying to...
  3. white90

    9" hid spotlights, too big? thoughts please.

    Bought these 9" hid spots, can't decide if they are too big, thoughts and comments gratefully received.
  4. white90

    2x 35/12.50/15 tyres free

    Ive got 2 x 35/12.50/15 part worn mud terrains lying around, they would be good as spares if you've fitted four and have an odd size spare, free if you want to collect then, I'm in Wolverhampton but could meet somewhere, could also do Lincombe if it helps.
  5. white90

    Snow Watch

    If anyone gets snow where you are can you post it on here please, been years since we had any in the midlands, just need to go out and play in the truck, thanks (Clive I know you get lots of snow, but Romanias a bit too far for me).
  6. white90

    Winch bumper ARB

    Can anyone recommend a supplier for ARB winch bumpers in the uk please ( too lazy to trawl the net) thanks.
  7. white90

    Thieving scum

    Got up this morning to find some scumbag piece of shit had stolen the winch and rope off the truck, I hope the bastard dies a slow painful death.
  8. white90

    WTF moment

    Jumped in my nice yellow van this morning and first job to land on the computer, Toyota Land cruiser non start WTF I thought that can't be right a dispatcher must be fookin winding me up. On route to it I was thinking got be flat battery if its not then the balance in the universe is all fooked...
  9. white90


    Has anyone else noticed Landovers driving around with the obligatory ONE LIFE LIVE IT sticker?. I think its missing something, it should really say ONE LIFE LIVE IT (stuck at the side of the road in a broken down Landover, alternatively buy a Toyota and get where your going and back no drama) ...
  10. white90

    6x6 Cruiser

    This things awesome, I'm trying to convince the wife we need one, she thinks we need a new kitchen, but like I said luv can't drive across the desert (for desert please read school run) in a kitchen:icon-biggrin:.
  11. white90

    Nissan patrol y60

    For sale patrol y60 4.2 diesel auto high roof jap import, good chassis, needs usual wing and wheel arch repairs, interior tatty, mechanically a1 drives sweet , auto box is nice changes up and down as it should, no oil leaks from anywhere, just fitted an ironman 2" inch lift kit, owes me 2450...
  12. white90

    Landcruiser 80 for sale

    Anyone interested in this for £3500 before i chuck it on eBay