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  1. Jimbo4x4

    Mega cheap Colorado d4d manual, Wirral

    Hi all, Mike's father in law has decided he no longer needs a 4x4 and his trusty collie is now up for sale. For some deluded reason he's shunned mine and my brothers advice to price it in the high 2's and is asking just £2195. Be quick because he's already put it on the 'trader and I'm sure he's...
  2. Jimbo4x4

    Cooper STT pro...

    Some will know I've been a lover of the STT since the year dot. Imagine my anguish when I find they have changed the design once again and I now know nothing about them. The last change must've been 11 or 12 years ago now, and I admit that change was for the better, they were just as good off...
  3. Jimbo4x4

    Front t-case output bearing kdj95 manual

    Afternoon all, my brother and his father in law both drive these wonderful machines. Unfortunately said bearing has gone on his father in law's. He's stripped it down and has all the parts he needs for repairs, however it's a little confusing as to how it all goes back together... the exploded...
  4. Jimbo4x4

    Anyone tried out the foxwing copy from direct4x4? Called the "hawk wing". Price point seems very reasonable at £250. Wondering if anyone has any experience of them as I'm very interested
  5. Jimbo4x4

    Hzj73 - anyone on here?

    And if not, why not?!
  6. Jimbo4x4

    Anyone in Kent after some beer money?

    I wonder if anyone's able to give this the once over for me in Deal?
  7. Jimbo4x4

    Early 80, 160k, £2850 B.I.N?

    Has anyone here bought this yet? Been looking to get myself back into the game and keeping an eye on eBay at the mo... was surprised to see this crop up. Even if it's a project it's still cheap!
  8. Jimbo4x4

    High mile 80 going cheap

    Hey all, was just browsing the 'bay and spotted this, not sure if it's been here already but thought it looked reasonable for the price
  9. Jimbo4x4

    Car shopping help: After an economical soft roader...

    Hi all, with Laura due in March I need to trade in the MR2... after something that will take on a little mild green laning/beach driving yet still be comfortable on longer road journeys. It has to be economical (at least 40mpg on a run), have 5 doors, ideally be toting under 120k and...
  10. Jimbo4x4

    non lc - mr2 emissions problem

    Help me out here, I've just put the mr2 through its first mot in my ownership and it failed on sticky calipers and emissions. The calipers I can sort, but emissions is a foreign issue to me. I did an oil and filter change as it was almost due anyway and I've run almost quarter a tank through...
  11. Jimbo4x4

    Paper Cruisers

    A Dutch overlander I follow on Facebook has posted up a link to these guys, thought it might be of interest to anyone here who has too much spare time on their hands. They have Toyota 40, 55, 60, 70 Troopy and 80 series models available, along with a few other manufacturers...
  12. Jimbo4x4

    Expeditions 7 Anyone been following them? Looks like a pretty cool idea.
  13. Jimbo4x4


    Why? Why would you ever feel the need to do this?
  14. Jimbo4x4

    LJ7* Air box to turbo cold air intake hose

    Anyone have a spare lying around? mine's cracked on the way into the turbo... Jim.
  15. Jimbo4x4

    Rex is For Sale! 1992 LJ78 Overlander/Surf Bus

    Yup, it's with a very heavy heart that I list my beloved LJ78 overlander for sale. Laura and I are in the process of buying our first house together so I need to raise as much cash as possible. Just selling on here and another forum or two for now - there's some rust and flaky paint on the...
  16. Jimbo4x4

    Anyone got a Moonraker 40ch CB?

    More specifically, I need a replacement mic as the lead has a break in it somewhere. Even on their own website I can't find what model I need to replace it with :thumbdown: Tried calling them but seems they're closed at weekends. It's a 4-pin connection but there's three of that kind listed on...
  17. Jimbo4x4

    Report from another Welsh laning trip 19/20th May...

    ...with an eventful episode from Strata Florida :thumbup: read on... I went Green Laning at the weekend with the family, my dad's recently got back into off roading and while he's not yet ready to take his 51 plate Colorado into the rough he has gone and bought some Cooper STT's and a...
  18. Jimbo4x4

    Where the bloody 'ells Jim got to?

    Hey all, just to say I moved house on the 16th - I should have my interweb back up and running on 3rd or 4th May. Take it easy, Jim.
  19. Jimbo4x4

    I need this bumper!

    Saw this on a youtube vid, I need this on my truck! It's the only one I've ever seen on one of these. What are peoples opinions? Is it a one off or will I be able to buy one somewhere? Jim.
  20. Jimbo4x4

    What Maggiolina?

    My dad's after a Maggiolina style rooftent and was fully prepared to pay £1900 for an Autohome Grand Tour after being pursuaded by the salesman that that's what he needs :roll: Personally I'm sure he'll find something suitable for a few hundred less so I said I'd ask around.. All he's after is...
  21. Jimbo4x4

    A very late video (last hallow'een!)

    Been wanting to post this for a while but youtube confiscated my soundtrack :evil: so you'll have to create your own before watching, unless complete silence is your thing. I'd redo it but unfortunately the vid was on my "now expired" hard drive so the 'tube has the only copy :doh: Oh well, I...
  22. Jimbo4x4

    Anyone got a little camping trailer I can buy/borrow?

    Hi all, after something for a camping trip in May that won't pull the economy down too much on Laura's Seat, just after a 4'x3'ish box thing... can anyone help? Cheers, Jim.
  23. Jimbo4x4

    70 series rear door handle

    Hey all, while we were up in Scotlandshire last month Laura snapped the handle for the rear door off :roll: in fairness though it had the bikes hanging off the spare wheel so was pretty heavy.. It's the one that opens the second (bigger) door latch. I'm fed up of using little mole-grips to open...
  24. Jimbo4x4

    Hilux hubs/spindles on an LJ78

    Anyone know if they're interchangable? I know of a spare hilux front axle and was wondering if there's any way I can merge it into mine to give me manual hubs? The time has come to do the bearings anyway so thought I might give it a go while I'm working in that area.. Cheers, Jim.
  25. Jimbo4x4

    you will like this...

    [youtube:d766md4l]Br14VIJTAkA[/youtube:d766md4l] :D
  26. Jimbo4x4

    10" or 12" mini/trailer wheels

    As per the title, can anyone help? need two but three would be best, with tyres (even with minimal tread) if possible Thanks, Jim.
  27. Jimbo4x4

    Diode pack thingy

    Hey all, having a couple of niggles with ol' Rex... (well it had to happen some time) Earlier in the year I found the batteries were overcharging, and then draining uber fast when parked up. It started after I steam cleaned the engine bay after the Christmas laning last year. I think it was...
  28. Jimbo4x4

    How to permanantly engage your electric free-wheeling hubs.

    Had a few people asking me about this so thought I'd do a video tutorial. [youtube:7j6b2gpm]xKczb5vvzF8[/youtube:7j6b2gpm] Jim.
  29. Jimbo4x4

    The Gall boys drive a 200

  30. Jimbo4x4

    Jim n Gav in West Wales 11/7/10

    What a corker of a day! Met up with Gav and my bro Mike at a National Trust carpark in the back of beyond, somewhere south of Caernarfon and east of Porthmadog at about 10am with a good day's laning ahead. Gav had been up since the small hours to run an errand down Brum way before coming out to...
  31. Jimbo4x4

    R/C 4x4s

    Anyone into it? My bro and I got some Jeep Wrangler Crawlers yonks ago, they were great fun but a little small at 1:15 scale to be able to do anything more than climb over small stones in the back garden. That, and IMO the crawlers don't look at all realistic. Just been flicking through the...
  32. Jimbo4x4

    Suspension/Tyres dilemma

    Chaps, I'm at a loss as to what to do next with Rex. As my head's swimming with confusion it's difficult to put these scenarios into words but I'll give it a go. Basically I want to (finally) sort out my sagging rear suspension and at least make a start on new tyres, not that there's anything...
  33. Jimbo4x4

    Cruisers seen today

    On the long trip back from the Airshow today I spied with my little eye something beginning with 'L'. Well, two of them actually, and they were both rather tastey examples. A well kitted out white 78 Troopy on the M25 North heading East between the M1 and M11 junctions at about 5pm Then about...
  34. Jimbo4x4

    Western Digital my book 320gb external hard drive

    Anyone own, or know someone who owns one of these? My dad's desperately trying to piece together lost info on a burnt out hard drive from one, but needs another functioning one to use for spare parts. Unfortunately they're no longer made so the only chance he's got of finding one is getting it...
  35. Jimbo4x4

    Whaddon 4x4

    Some might remember this thread. Well, I finally got a batch of pics and vids off Laura and thought I'd throw them up here for all to see :) [youtube:3ab08e65]i66koYBmEuE[/youtube:3ab08e65] It had been really dry, and I was later told this mud run is often over 4ft deep...
  36. Jimbo4x4

    Find me a picture of....

    Ok, this game works by each person posting a picture of something requested in the previous post, and then requesting a picture of their own for the next person. For example, if I asked for a picture of a burger in a bun then the next person's post might look like this: ...and so on. extra...
  37. Jimbo4x4

    A Manual Box, LWB D4D Colorado £7k-£10k

    Talk about asking for hens teeth, I realise 95% of these beasts have auto boxes but he's adamant he doesn't want a "slush box". My bro's father in law has blown up one too many Shoguns and Isuzu Troopers and is on the lookout for a D4d 'rado. He may also consider a cheap 120 but bear in mind he...
  38. Jimbo4x4

    FAO Jon/Gary/or anyone who lanes in the lakes - Help?!

    Hey chaps, I'm off to the Lakes this weekend and am planning on wild camping somewhere, then I remembered your write-up on the other forum and the pics of some of the lanes you did... Can you tell me where this is? looks like a cool place to camp :) Is the lane passable solo? (at least up to...
  39. Jimbo4x4

    Jimbo's LJ78 'Cruiser

    Ok then, first up is just a copy and paste from the other place, I'll add to it as I go :) This was last October. All went well on the 1500 mile round trip through Cornwall and back. About 4 hours were spent on various greenlanes round Wales and the Southwest and I only used lanes which were...
  40. Jimbo4x4

    LJ78 snorkel

    Well am I glad I finally got this fitted, I've only had it over 6 months! :P Gav came over last week to make sure I didn't run away from cutting holes in my wing (again), and provided some much appreciated hole saws, labour and camerawork too. The first step was to move the PAS reservoir...
  41. Jimbo4x4

    Thankyou Gavlad

    Just wanted to say thanks to a top man for giving up his evening to help me fit my snorkel. The support was especially appreciated at the point of no return - I don't think I'd ever have cut into my wing without someone goading me on! Thanks again Gav and if you ever need a hand with anything...
  42. Jimbo4x4

    Duff alt.?? Major discharge and overcharging...

    Hey all, I gave my engine bay a hose down on Friday as there was baked on mud everywhere. I then gave it a half hour in the sun to dry off before moving it, and all worked as it should. Then, that evening I went to start it and there was barely enough juice between the two batteries to turn the...
  43. Jimbo4x4

    What to use for an air intake hose? ... _hose.html ^^These guys have pretty much everything i could possibly want to try... I need to make a connection from my snorkel (that was designed for a petrol 70) to my airbox. There are funny angles and horribly tight confines to work to, so...
  44. Jimbo4x4

    Fun, fairly easy lanes or off road sites around Aylesbury?

    I'm off to my girlfriends dads place this weekend and her half brothers have been pestering me to take them off roading. I'm only planning on taking them out for a couple of hours but we're going solo, so don't recommend anything that's likely to get me stuck or it could be alot longer than two...
  45. Jimbo4x4

    T Shirt on order.. =)

    :twisted: Won't be here for 21 days as I'm a cheapskate, and I mean cheap - £2.30 delivered cheap :mrgreen: I've ordered from these guys before and it's not bad quality, especially for the price. It's a "sample" :P wasn't planning on getting any more but if the interest is there I could put...
  46. Jimbo4x4

    Mess about after work tomorrow - Bromborough dans le Wirral

    I haven't washed the yota since last time out with Gav, so was wondering if anyone wanted to join me for a mess about at the local mudpit about 5.30ish tomorrow before I finally break the hose out? Will stay until a little after dark I think..
  47. Jimbo4x4

    70 series action shots

    Ok, I couldn't let this section go uninhabited forever, so, here's hoping I'm not the only 70 series owner on here for too long and pictures of more than just mine will appear in this thread soon. I have surprisingly few action shots on my computer, probably because I'm always behind the wheel...
  48. Jimbo4x4

    'nudda one

    Hey all, good to see ya :D