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  1. guruvetim

    Quick Drain sump plugs

    Has anyone fitted one of these to their Cruiser?
  2. guruvetim

    63 AMG Hilux

    As the title say.. Bonkers but I think I like it
  3. guruvetim

    What's it worth restored and in the UK?

    This os for sale in Zimbabwe, any ideas what it might be worth in the UK fully restored? I have a friend in Zimbabwe who has restored a few already. Would be an interesting venture...
  4. guruvetim

    Nice spot to camp

    What a lovely place to spend the night. The Save Conservancy, Zimbabwe.
  5. guruvetim

    Steering rack leaking

    My power steering rack has developed a leak from the top where the steering column joins the rack. Has anyone else on the forum had this problem? I've attached a picture but it isn't very clear. It seems to be leaking from under the rubber dust cover.
  6. guruvetim


    240,ooo km and still going strong
  7. guruvetim

    Members in Zimbabwe

    Hi All I was wondering if there are any other Land Cruiser Club members based in Zimbabwe?
  8. guruvetim

    Rear tailgate support cable

    Anybody got one of the for sale new or second hand?
  9. guruvetim

    Car Trailer wanted

    Hi All I'm on the lookout for a trailer for my kit car. Would like a Brian James tilt trailer or similar. Anybody got one for sale? Cheers
  10. guruvetim

    Big Country Roof Rack

    Big Country roof rack fitted ready for the Bundutop :)
  11. guruvetim

    Hub caps (steel wheels)

    Anybody got 4 of these knocking around they'd like to sell?
  12. guruvetim

    My other toy

    Though you'd like to meet my other toy, currently having and engine upgrade from an old 2l Pinto to an 1800 Zetec Turbo. Should be fun...
  13. guruvetim

    Very Excited

    Just ordered a Bundutop RTT a Snomaster fridge/freezer and a Big Country roof rack for my cruiser. And Bundutec have thrown in their AddedRoom for free... Just got to get it all collected from Joburg and delivered to Harare now...
  14. guruvetim

    HJ75 Fire Engine

    On Ebay for £16000 Only 3800 miles
  15. guruvetim

    1994 HJ61

    Ok guys and gals It's a long story but I'm In Zimbabwe and I need to get rid of quite a lot of cash from my bank account.... I know it sounds really dodgy but trust me it's all above board... Honest guv... I'm looking at what looks like a really nice HJ61 I think but it says it's a 1994 so I'm...
  16. guruvetim

    Turbo hose

    Hi All, Can anyone tell me the diameter of the hose from the turbo to the crossover pipe. I forgot to check and I'm now back in the UK, the cruiser's in Zimbabwe... It's the 12valve 1hdt engine
  17. guruvetim

    Steel wheels

    5 steel rims for £50 I'd but them myself but it might be tricky getting them to Zimbabwe...
  18. guruvetim

    Day 3 of owning a Cruiser

    Ok so 3 days in and so far I'm really happy... I've had to remove the roof rack from it to get it in the garage (it only just fits) now I've got 6 holes in the roof. Does anyone know if there is some kind of blanking kit for this? I've attached some pics. Cheers
  19. guruvetim

    Intercooler yes or no

    I've recently bought a lovely 100 diesel 12 valve and was thinking of adding an intercooler. I'm wondering what are the pros and cons. It looks like it would be a pretty straightforward job to do but I be grateful for any tips.
  20. guruvetim

    New member

    Hi all. Just bought my first Cruiser...