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  1. flint

    We're doomed Capt Mainwaring, we're doomed!

    Not to worry, then the Geriatric Age Governing Algorithm (GAGA) that will take care of things will kick in. It will automatically order suitable things from Amazon (denture fixative, biscuits, etc.) and send reminders telling me what I went upstairs to look for and where I left my glasses...
  2. flint

    New car, well new to me

    :thumbup:Don't forget to grease those trunions :)
  3. flint

    HVO diesel

    Yes and no ! It's a different process, reading about HVO it seems to reduce many of the problems that are aimed at diesels at present. Particulates are well down, NO2 is reduced etc. etc., generally better all round. Not available at the pump in the UK but bulk deliveries are available. More...
  4. flint

    HVO diesel

    Perhaps a bit of hope for diesels ? Haven't come across it yet, but wouldn't mind giving it a go.
  5. flint

    freezing Diesel

    Hmm, not sure but perhaps more draw from the injection pump at higher revs ?
  6. flint

    freezing Diesel

    I think that the problem seems to be when the fuel gets to the filter and the waxy flakes start to block it. I had an old MB diesel that behaved like yours did, just enough getting through to start and run, but not enough heat build up from the engine to warm things up enough to clear it...
  7. flint

    Funny how life throws you those little curve balls isn’t it? Ho hum.

    My brother lasted 35+ years after his diagnosis and my sister is still going 40 or so years after hers.
  8. flint

    iwan's hdj81

    Probably already seen, but just in case (after carefully hiding credit card) Frosts do a pretty good range of such things. Probably not the cheapest, but the online catalogue is interesting.
  9. flint

    Funny how life throws you those little curve balls isn’t it? Ho hum.

    So sorry to read this Chris. Treatments are getting better all the time, hope they can find something that works for you. Best wishes.
  10. flint

    Toyota wiring plug terminals.

    This might come in handy if not already seen:
  11. flint

    2011 LC - Diff Lock Indicator Flashing

    You can download a 200 manual from here, but it's not a pdf and seems to need a pc running Internet Explorer 5.5 or above to run.
  12. flint

    On this day in history

    I remember that, I lived close by. Part of the problem were the SPG (Special Patrol Group) vans cruising round and the occupants leaping out at people, often without due cause. That made for a lot of resentment, their handling of people was not usually particularly subtle.
  13. flint

    Who is doing what maintenance today?

    Replaced exhaust back box section on the 81 yesterday, had to drop the Panhard rod and lift body a little bit due to Long Ranger tank getting in the way. Used a ratchet strap to realign the Panhard bush and body mount.
  14. flint

    HJ60 clutch slave

    Any good ?
  15. flint


    A priest and a taxi driver both died and went to heaven. St. Peter was at the Pearly gates waiting for them. ‘Come with me,’ said St. Peter to the taxi driver. The taxi driver did as he was told and followed St Peter to a mansion. It had everything you could imagine from a bowling alley to...
  16. flint


    As James Bonds next Aston Martin will probably be battery powered, will he be known as AA7 ?
  17. flint

    Injector service manual

    Service manual for 2 stage Denso injectors (non common rail). Just posted for interest, unless well equipped probably a job best left to the experienced !
  18. flint

    Blue Smoke

    Just a thought, but if possible check when going downhill with no throttle. If it smokes on the overrun, it could be valve stem seals.
  19. flint

    Steel bars

    ARB have bought out a plastic bar (called a SmartBar) that'll take a winch which is supposed to be safer for pedestrians:
  20. flint

    Wind Turbines.

    You can get solar water heating panels that go on the roof, the water flows through glass tubes, seem to work well. I think that there are quite a few problems coming up with vehicles going electric. With the government realising that they'll be out of pocket (£27 billion ish) through the loss...
  21. flint

    Wind Turbines.

    An off grid friend had one of the cheap smaller turbines, it lasted just over a year. One problem was that it was low voltage, the size of cable needed to help reduce transmission losses, together with batteries and control gear (which need replacing over time), made it a pricey installation...
  22. flint

    St David's Day

  23. flint

    On this day in history

    In West Wales they built a stop line which ran across from north to south. The fear was that an invasion could take place from the west. Not much left of it now, but the photo in the link shows a line of blocks that are still there. There is an...
  24. flint

    Wind Turbines.

    I used to keep a bit of stock, not in a big way, 30 or 40 ewes and their lambs, a few heifers and their followers, various fowl. I wasn’t registered organic, but tried to avoid the multitude of veterinary potions and sprays, only using antibiotics if really needed, which was not often, or if...
  25. flint

    On this day in history

    There are still quite a lot of the old pill boxes around too, it's reckoned that something like 28.000 were built in 1939/40 and loads of strategically placed large concrete block tank traps. You'd never get planning permission now........:)
  26. flint

    Wind Turbines.

    Here's the WWF take on things:
  27. flint

    went car shopping today..

    Might be worth a look: In German but google translate helps. There is a forum.
  28. flint

    On this day in history

    Bad times indeed, many a farmers heart was broken to see their livestock slaughtered like that.
  29. flint

    WTF Covid.

    It's quite long (especially if you watch the whole series), but this makes for an interesting watch if you stick with it (even if you don't like the BBC !): Or on...
  30. flint

    quad bikes and compact tractors..

    No experience of Solis other than looking one over, but personally I think, if you are going to go for a compact, you'd be better off with a decent used Japanese one. Just to put a fly in the ointment and not knowing what sort of land or area you'll be working with, rather than tying up that...
  31. flint

    Wind Turbines.

    With newer turbines it seems as though it does, but there are lots of variables involved, siting, reliability etc.. The term used is EROI which is the energy returned for the energy invested.
  32. flint

    Hi Neighbor!

    Hello and welcome. Keep letting us know how you're getting on or any questions, but check out IH8MUD Forum - [Leaving Land Cruiser Club] if not already seen for more info regarding importing and a lot more, it's US based.
  33. flint

    Funny Pictures

  34. flint


    After much umming and aahing I decided to lash out on a dehumidifier to use in the house (old, stone built) as the windows (d/g) were getting a bit of condensation on a cold morning. It did the trick, sucked out a couple of litres from the air and the rooms involved felt better to be in. I...
  35. flint

    The people have spoken

    Rumblings have been going on for a while, several of the Orange Order Lodges are not at all happy, the situation not being helped by Johnsons reported attitude back in 2018:
  36. flint

    Dilemma! WTF!

    Quite understand that you don't want the hassle or expense, but my thinking was that a site with tenants is worth £ to the developer whereas an empty site is worth ££££. As Shayne said, Citizens Advice is a good place to start (though I think they're pretty busy at the moment) to find out your...
  37. flint

    Dilemma! WTF!

    Might be worth checking with your local district council planning department to see if any applications have been lodged for the site. If he is planning to develop the site, delays might be an added expense for him to take into consideration. Any rare newts in the area ?
  38. flint

    On this day in history

    It was the battle of Isandlwana, more info here:
  39. flint

    The people have spoken

    Worth a look if not already seen:
  40. flint

    Prado Manuals

    Download should work now that you're over the 20 posts, but just in case PM sent.
  41. flint

    The people have spoken

    Nurse shortages ?
  42. flint

    Poor Heat.

    +1 on the heater matrix. I've not done it on a LC, but you could try disconnecting the hoses at the bulkhead and giving it a reverse flush. Sometimes an overnight soak with hot water, kettle descaler, diluted citric acid or similar and then a reverse flush helps. I've not had any leaks after...
  43. flint

    Best 4x4 not actually going very far..

    Sorry for going off topic a bit, but thinking about the 2CV reminded me of the Africar:
  44. flint

    Best 4x4 not actually going very far..

    We had an old 2CV here (skinny tyres, light weight) that would often surprise me with what it could cope with.
  45. flint

    Happy christmas

    Happy Christmas everyone !!!
  46. flint


    Congratulations, he'll be needing one of these ! Happy Christmas !
  47. flint

    New wiring harness

    No experience of the company, but might be worth a look:
  48. flint

    Injector Nozzles

    These injectors are 2 stage, so calibration is not as straightforward as single stage ones (i.e. just using a pop tester). I've got new nozzles but haven't got round to doing them yet, when I do I think that I'll send them off for a rebuild and setup to make sure they're balanced (hopefully !).
  49. flint

    The people have spoken

    I just wonder how long the short term pain will last before the promised sunlit uplands appear and who will be feeling the pain most. Plenty of bluster (send in the gunships etc.), but seemingly little planning for the effect of increased prices on those who are already struggling to make ends meet.
  50. flint

    Front brake line bolt shear off

    A left handed drill bit (Dormers are good) is sometimes handy for drilling out, once they bite quite often the broken bit of bolt just screws out.