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    How do I get grease in this?

    It’s a potters wheel. 30+ years old. The threaded cup is about 21mm 1.5 pitch, but I’m guessing really an imperial equivalent. I’ve never seen a fitting like this before. I’m guessing I need some sort of cap adapter for my regular (does my UJs) grease gun. But not knowing what it might be...
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    For fans of simple, off-roaders.

    The Jimny looks to be back. Suzuki Sweden previewing it. Essentially a "commercial" version of the Gen 4 that disappeared in Europe due to emissions quotas. Be interesting to see what this does to the mad prices for Gen 4 models still on the forecourts...
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    Delivery times from Amayama

    Anyone ordered from Amayama recently? Check out shows, " Because of the global reduction of flights, please allow 2 to 6+ weeks delivery delays for your orders. Thank you for understanding. " Part I want is showing delivery by Feb 21, which is about 2 weeks. Just wondered how accurate recent...
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    Beginning of the end?

    I'm being overdramatic, but interesting to find 120 parts going out of production. Need to replace the cross member the rear axle top arms attach to. It was available before Xmas. Now showing as "this part is out of production" on Amayama. As is the superseded part that is listed on the FJ...
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    150 UK specs, and back seats

    Getting close to either replacing my 120 with, or adding a newish (3/4 yr old) 150 to the fleet. I'd like a 200, but I'd also like world peace and for Wales to win the world cup final. Can anyone summarise the model specs? I think there is still LC3,4,5 and Invincible? I really value...
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    Where are French ZPA restrictions published?

    Bordeaux and Toulouse are now included in the ZPA schema. I have my sticker (number 4!). Now I just want to check if the ZPA is in force on a given date and which vehicles are restricted. Does anyone know where this is published? I know about the Green-Zones app but this strikes me as a...
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    Land Rover costs

    Saw a conversation on a sheep farmers' Facebook page tonight. Someone selling up. Two friends considering collecting. Q: How much to get down there in the Land Rover? A: About £700 plus parts.
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    Sarn Helen

    A few pics from Sunday. Didn’t use a winch, but did have to push a few times.
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    Techstream on Windows 10

    Just a quick note here because I couldn't find Windows 10 instructions on here. I have a Mini-VCI J2534 cable which worked happily with my Techstream 10 install on 64 bit Windows 7, after some faffing. Anyway, had to give that laptop back last month when I left the job I'd acquired it from...
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    Diagnosing ABS fault

    My ABS has started kicking in too soon. Slightest braking on dry tarmac and it can kick in, albeit badly. Feels grindy and I can hear a pump (sounds almost like windscreen washer pump). I took the ABS solenoid fuse out and all fine; except of course I'd rather like the ABS to work. ABS light...
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    Changing water pump

    Got to do my timing belt again now I'm about to hit 180K miles. I didn't change the water pump last time and I think general consensus is it's worth doing because you have to take the belt off to do it? Looking at Roughtrax there is a front bit for the existing pump (minus back bit of the...
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    Captive nut / towbar question

    Much excitement today as my tow bracket came lose while retruning from my feed merchant with a couple of tons of feed. Would have been even more exciting yesterday when I had 50 lambs over two mountain passes on the way to market. I think a captive nut has come lose and allowed the bracket some...
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    Not mainstream. But a classic.

    Was going to post this last night, and now it looks like someone has already snaffled it.
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    End of an earache.

    Looks like the best Indian 4x4 (other than Maruti, Mahindra and Tata) is off to Slovakia. Edit. Old link. This one’s better.
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    Mk 1 Land Cruiser

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    Anyone watching? Been a cracker so far. Zoncolan tomorrow. Got to get all the ewes wormed and Dysect'd in the morning and the last few lambs banded. Then settling in for Yates and Dumoulin.
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    Febest bush quality

    I bought 4 new Febest bushes for my lower control arms and fitted about 5000 miles ago. The old arms had been worn by the nasty Milner orange poly bushes that were in but I pressed in the Febest bushes with a good slurp of Loctite bearing seal and they seem to hold tight. A few weeks ago the...
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    Anyone changed their axle case yet?

    Bracket for the panhard rod has rotted off. My welder is dead so it's in at the local agri frabricator getting patched; the panhard bracket not the welder. Both top arm brackets onto the chassis fell off a couple of years ago, so I reckon the turrets on the axle can't be long for this world...
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    Play in my diff. More than pinion bearings?

    If I grab the rear prop and twist it it turns a few mm. The joint into the transfer box is steady so there is play in the rear diff. I can't detect any lateral play. Is this likely to be more than pinion bearings? If so any ideas? It's going to have to come off for a look but be nice to know...
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    Twin cab 79 south of Brecon

    Excited to spot this very nice looking truck being transported south of Brecon today. Gave my 9 year daughter my phone and told her to capture the moment. Guess we were too close! And I think it's a 79? But I can't edit the title.
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    Lower control arm bushes

    Changed mine today. Was using Milner orange plastic but since I've twice had top arms snap with those I thought I'd swap back to as close to OEM as I could and use Febest. The bushes were pretty worn but worse they seem to have worn the metal surround of the control arms. Pressed new bushes in...
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    Halfords equivalent in France?

    Seem to be a long way from home with a very worn from brake pad. At least one piston seems properly seized. Can get a new caliper and pads in a few days from Roughtrax but will need a few tools. Socket sets are everywhere but I'm not sure about brake flare spanners. Is there are chain shop name...
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    Cyclists You may already have seen this. I wonder what people think? I used to ride a bike a lot on the road. Because I now do all my riding with a 7 year old we try to stay off them, and I have to say when we do...
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    Spare wheel lift?

    Does anyone know of a device that weedy folks (Mrs C) can utilize to lift a spare wheel onto the hub in the event of a flat tyre? I've seen hefty workshop tools for tractor and truck tyres, is there anything that could reasonably live in the back of the car? Ta
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    Only in Newry.

    Can't find the Land Cruisers at work thread just now, but I liked this demonstration of the 120's [1] load carrying capabilities. [1] the best of the Land Cruisers.
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    Crit'Air sticker. What's my Euro Emission Standard?

    Thought I should sort out a Crit'Air sticker for France this year. Probably not going to the areas it's needed but for about 5 Euros thought I might as well. Any idea how you can tell for sure what your Euro Emission Standard is? My car was registered in September 2005, so I think could be Euro...
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    Something to cheer you all up.

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    Black Mountains

    Don't really do off-road other than on farms. But I bravely traversed a pot-holed, gravel car park coming home from Llandeilo today, so here's my action shot.
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    How did your offroading go today?

    Not me, fortunately. Neighbour got a bit too close to the edge of a narrow mountain track. Haven't worked out how we're going to recover this yet.
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    Icky oil pick up

    Changed oil today and thought I'd better try and look at the oil pickup, having changed injectors about 7K miles ago. Not pretty. Problem is I didn't look at it before I changed the injectors so it could have been bad for a while, or it could be a new injector isn't sealing. Either way the...
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    Sky v BBC

    Apologies if this counts as politics. Sky News and the BBC reporting on the same story today.
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    What's one of these for? I'm guessing it turns a T-bar into a ratchet. But if that is its purpose, why not just use a ratchet?
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    Airbag wiring. Help!

    Not really a lounge subject but hoping for any ideas. From anyone. So I found an issue with a wire between the airbag bits in my steering wheel and the central airbag assembly (ECU sort of thing). Have replaced the wire and the error code I was getting has been replaced by a different one. To...
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    Air Bag Light. B1181/18

    Airbag light has been coming on for a while so I thought I better take a look. And it's the MOT this month and airbag lights are a failure, right? Gone through the diagnostics in the repair manual and I think it's this. No resistance reading at all between these two wires, and yes the...
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    Wobbly wiper.

    Changed my wipers and worked out why they click. They hit the bonnet on the down sweep. Seems a lot of movement where they attach to the spindle. Any ideas what's wrong here? For now I've fabricated a nearly invisible fix with duct tape and foam.
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    More rust

    Spotted a finger sized hole in a sill over the summer. MOT coming up I thought I should throw a patch at it today. Of course having cleaned it up the hole was bigger than it first looked. This is looking towards the rear. Chopped out the weak stuff. Looks new in there apart from the rotten...
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    Impact Wrenches. Friction ring v detent pin.

    I'm in the market for a battery impact wrench. Something more compact than my Clarke mains powered thing, which is great, but I can pretty much only use it on wheel nuts because it won't fit anywhere else. The Clarke uses a friction ring to hold the socket on. I find this a pain to get the...
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    Back door drop. Cracked door skin.

    Just wondered if anyone has had and in any way resolved this. My back door has dropped about 10mm against the catch it locks against. The door skin around the bottom hinge has cracked open. Can find quite a few instances of this on Pradopoint but no suggestions of how to bodge a repair other...
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    Flex in tow bracket

    Not sure where best to put this, but I'll try here. So I've bought a Pendle bike rack to get a couple of bikes to France. Seems a decent thing. Having put it on I had a look underneath. I look underneath a lot. And it looks like the tow bracket is moving on the chassis. This is not good...
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    Not going to say I recommend them yet, but I've ordered a few bits from Partsouq. Amayama had the same stuff but some of it was only available from Japan with a 9 day lead time, and the Japanese stuff costs more than the UAE stuff. Partsouq claim to have all I want, and they show the postage...
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    Pressure washer with short lance

    Thinking about my rusty 120 and my attempts to keep it clean underneath. The biggest issue I have is being able to angle my pressure washer lance into the nooks and crannies. The sensible solution would be to buy a 4-post lift, and a garage to put it in. But as a stop-gap I'm looking for a short...
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    Changing engine mounts

    Has anyone done theirs? My engine is rocking around at idle. And I think getting worse judging by the feel when sat in it. Found one paragraph on Prado Point implying it's a git of a job, although the description doesn't make it sound so terrible. Interested in anyone's experience of it.
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    Mystery fuel pipe

    Refitting my fuel tank after welding up suspension bracket. I seem to have a spare pipe! Dropped tank again thinking I'd pinched it's friend. As far as I can see on the parts diagram it ends in a grommet. Even with the auxiliary tank fitted. Anyone know what it's for?
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    Milners brake pipes and flexis.

    Front pipes are original Toyota parts. I think Kunifer (greyish) and not steel. Pretty good for aboout 4 quid a side. Centre-rear flexis. Longer than originals. And the ends are not original shape so they don't fit into the original brackets. Needed to trim brackets with a Dremel and they need...
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    Painting brake pipes

    So having made (fabricated sounds much more competetent than it was) and welded on a new control arm bracket, I managed to nick one of my flexi hoses while cleaning up with a flap disk. Of course this is attached to the rustiest brake union on the car. Even if I get it off with some heat and...
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    Changing the oil in the back diff and noticed this. The bracket that holds the top suspension arm on to the round crossmember has sheared. Oddly did 500 miles on Friday at a respectable average speed and the handling was fine. Could have gone this morning I suppose when I was trundling round the...
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    Tajikistan LC90

    Bit of LC90 action for anyone interested at the start of this.
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    Recommend an oil gun?

    Anyone got an oil gun, or other oil suction method they are happy with? I bought a Draper oil gun to put oil in my Jimny gearbox, which makes my 120 Front Diff seem like the personification of easy access. But it's dreadful. The tube to nozzle leaks. The nozzle to gun body leaks. A new tube...
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    Top wishbones

    Has anyone taken theirs off? Do the bolts seize solid in the bushes like on the bottom wishbones? Ta