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  1. Abdul Raqeeb

    HJ 60 1984 .Brake Booster Confusion

    Hello kind sirs, For those of you who are following my story, I am restoring my family car HJ60 1984 RHD 2H 4000CC Diesel.pretty much all is done to the best of my ability. BUT I need to do a brake booster upgrade .its a rare part to find. Being in india doesnt help either, Anyone out here...
  2. Abdul Raqeeb

    Fj60 /hj60 1984 Front Brake caliper pistons

    Hello , Am looking for front brake caliper pistons for my Hj60 1984 .Unfortunately as the story goes orignal ones are damn expensive there are other aftermarket calipers that are reasonably priced but am looking for the front brake caliper pistons .does anyone here know if the small and large...
  3. Abdul Raqeeb

    HJ60 1984 interior color

    Hello fellow cruiser heads, I need help in finding the orginal color code for the interior of my car's dash as I am repainting it . The orginal color unfortunately had been tinkered with before I got my hands on the car so the paint guy can't help me. I tried surfing the web and found nothing...
  4. Abdul Raqeeb

    HJ 60 .1984. HJ60RG-K .2H. Power Steering Pump

    Hello, My power steering oil was leaking which I fixed by replacing a seal within and it worked fine when i had put power steering oil ,turned it on and gave it a bit of a wheel turning session,unfortunately the pump for the power steering quickly stopped working and it was no longer pumping oil...
  5. Abdul Raqeeb

    HJ 60. 1984.

    Hello, New guy here .I need help in sourcing these parts for my engine. It's a hj60 1984. HJ60RG-K ,2H.since I do not know the technical term of what it is, I have attached a picture with the required part circled. 1 Is basically the power steering oil "tank" and the other functions as a Engine...
  6. Abdul Raqeeb

    HJ 60 1984

    Hello, My Name is Abdul Raqeeb from kerala india.i just got my hands on a land cruiser hj60 1984 manual transmission 4 speed vehicle aka white monster.the engine and transmission is good according to my hearing and feeling sensations.however it needs alot of work to make it my daily local drive...
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