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  1. AdventureWagon

    Queenslanders - PPQ Japanese plates

    My state (Queensland) is now issuing Japanese size and style plates. I'm not a fan of personalised plates but am tempted by these especially since they would fit better on the Prado 95's numberplate area on the back door. Normal Queensland plates are too wide for it by about 1/2" each side and...
  2. AdventureWagon

    Driveshaft greasing

    So I got hold of a grease gun, and tried it out on my trailer's jockey wheel, but it was a bit of a failure - the grease fitting broke off when I tried to get the grease gun off. Now I don't really care about the jockey wheel, but I was contemplating greasing my 90 series's chassis with it, but...
  3. AdventureWagon

    Check your gutters

    Washing my 90 series today and I found a ton of grime and grout in the gutters especially where they narrow at the front parallel to the windscreen. Gently popped off the gutter trim and cleaned out with a screwdriver covered in a cloth. Luckily it was fine but I can imagine this being a rust...
  4. AdventureWagon

    5VZ-FE (V6 petrol 3.4L) lower fan collar. Needed or not?

    Hi guys. Washing my Prado and cleaning the engine bay and the lower fan collar popped off. Didn't hear a clip come off or anything so it must have been like that for a while. I'll have to get a replacement clip or bodge with a small nut and bolt but was wondering if leaving it off in the mean...
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