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  1. Watamu LC

    KZJ78 for sale in Kenya.

    Dear all, The time has come for me to part with my much loved KZJ78W-PET. It has been a pleasure to drive and hope that it will go to a good home. The car is located in Watamu, Kenya and am hoping to find a serious buyer through these forums. If you know of someone, please feel free to share...
  2. Watamu LC

    Does the factory rear diff work?

    Dear all, I have recently managed to find a "new" ECU for my KZJ78. The new computer box solved the niggle where the "O/D OFF" light would blink continuously when I disengaged the overdrive. The overdrive always worked perfectly well, so always found this to be a little odd. I had hoped that...
  3. Watamu LC

    Looking for the Owners Manual for a 1995/1996 Prado

    I recently bought a 1995/1996 KZJ78 automatic and unfortunately it did not come with the manual for the car. Is there anyone who has the owner's manual in PDF format? The labels in the car are all in Japanese! I have looked around for it on the different threads but have been unable to find it...
  4. Watamu LC

    Jambo from Watamu!

    Hello all, I'll follow the template :icon-biggrin:: Your name: Casper Your Cruiser: Prado, 1996, KD-KZJ78W-PET, 110,000km with the 1KZ-TE engine, automatic transmission. Mods on your Cruiser: uhm...pretty sure it has a 2" lift. Pretty standard for the rest! Plans for your Cruiser: No plans...
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