75 series

  1. M

    1995 75 series diff oil

    Just woundering what diff oill i should use for my 1995 75 series rear diff. And also whats the capacity of it. Cheers
  2. K

    1hz engine issues

    Hey guys new to the forum I have just bought a 75 series 1hz na cruiser from the auctions. Bought it cause of the excellent condition of the vehicle and also the low kms the engine appears to have( 170xxx). Apparently was involved in an accident where the car rolled onto the driver's side. Can't...
  3. G

    Will a 100 1HZ Series Air Con kit fit 75 series 1HZ

    My 1997 75 Series Land Cruiser didn't come with an air con nor mounts so its been a bit of a struggle looking for one from wreckers etc for a decent price. I came across a 100 series 1HZ Air Conditioning kit with the brackets and all and was wondering if it'd fit my 75 series or do the 1hzs...
  4. Stretched 75

    75 series build.

    My 92 75 series is getting a heart transplant 1hz with 690.000 kms is coming out and an 03 1hd fte out of a 100 series is going in..
  5. Stretched 75

    Newbie in process of doing conversion

    Hi all stretched 75 here. From Australia. I've had the big girl about 5 years now, the 1hz has done 690.000 kms she's out now and have just bolted up a 1hd fte wirring loom yet to be done.. she's an x loggers 4x4. Hence the extra length in middle of chassis to carry a fuel tank 24/7. If some...
  6. L

    Wiring harness diagram

    Hi guys, I'm having a bit of trouble with my 75 series cruiser ute at the moment. There's no power getting to the fuel cut off solenoid on the injector pump. The solenoid itself is alright because I've hot wired it. Would anyone have any wiring diagrams to suit a 1990 75 series with a 1hz...
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