1. mitalm

    Meet My New (to me) 2002 LC100 Amazon , Prepped for Overlanding

    Hi all, I recently purchased this Land Cruiser from a chap in County Durham, their plans were to travel around Africa last year however they weren't able to do this trip due to issues releasing their car in Egypt. They ended up cruising around Europe with the car instead but obviously they were...
  2. L

    Highway Blues

    Hi Everyone, 1st post here. So car in question : LC100 2003 amazon with the 1HDfte. 115k miles Its been moving around town most of the time,(this issue came up once earlier though it didnt cross my mind much as it happened on a shorter trip). Now however had a long trip on the highway and...
  3. S

    Future 100 Series Owner

    Hi everyone. I've been a lurker here for a few months and am hoping to take the plunge soon on a 100 Series LC. Currently driving a BMW F30 330d, and it just isn't quite cutting it for me... Having read every interesting looking 100 series forum thread back to about 2012, I thought I might as...
  4. M

    Hello there, advice sought on 100s, rust, imports

    Hello everybody, my name is Dan and I'm in North Pembrokeshire. I lived in Japan for about 20 years and returned to the UK a few years ago. This is not my first post but I have belatedly realized that I should have introduced myself, so here goes. I am not an LC owner, but I could certainly use...
  5. N


    Hi I'm new here, i have an 04 Amazon 4.2. Does any one know any specialist servicing centres non franchise for repair work / servicing. I live between , Leicester, Derby and Nottingham and work in Birmingham. I struggle to find a garage that know the car and are not afraid of the size and the...
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