1. Nomad Effect

    Our rusty old 1988 FJ62 Build

    Hey All, As promised here's our build thread with what we're doing to the old girl to get her ready for the road and off it. We're doing a video series on the whole thing as honestly I've learnt how to do everything we've done via Youtube.
  2. Nomad Effect

    1988 FJ62 build in Miami Beach

    Hey All, Happy to be here! We're Ben & Sofia and we have a 1988 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ62 US spec. We're currently building up our old rusty FJ62 in Miami Beach. So far the mods we've done are; suspension, long range fuel tank and dual battery system but she's currently changing every week...
  3. Ben Freeman

    Horn [this isn't another horn pin post]

    So I'm brand new to Cruisers - just got my first ['88 FJ62] last week. The horn isn't working and I'm at a dead end as far as knowing what to do next. Here's what I've done so far: • Haz/Horn fuse is good. Hazards are working fine, fuse isn't blown. • I removed the steering wheel cover [see...
  4. timmers510

    For Sale: FJ62 Landcruiser ('86) Complete Motor

    Hello- I have a complete motor recovered from the theft of my 1986 cruiser. When stollen, my crusher had 140k miles on it. The motor is located at my house in Oakland, CA and I really just want it gone. Make me an offer and pick it up. cheers, Tim 5108280191
  5. M

    FJ62 for Sale in Texas

    I am the original owner for an FJ62 1988 Land Cruiser. I love my truck. But, it is perhaps time to sell. What is the best way to do this in Fort Worth, Texas?
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