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Feb 24, 2010
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Ok diary fans, the executive committee has approved a calendar for 2019. So it's time to post up some pictures. For the new members and the hard of understanding here is the process and the ground rules.
Firstly this is a thread for putting up the pictures. Anyone straying into reminiscing over the places shown will just be removed OK? Don't make my life harder than it needs to be.

The pictures need to be high enough resolution to be printed but we'll ask you for the original if you are selected so don't worry about file size when posting them up.

It has to have a Landcruiser in the shot. (Doesn't have to be yours - it might be rented)
The Cruiser must be the main focus of the shot and be discernible as a Landcruiser
It has to be in focus. No, I can't believe I have to make that clear either.
Just one vehicle in shot
Background must be free of shopping trolleys, skips, phone boxes, drunks in doorways and parking attendants
You can obscure number plates if you wish
Doors shut, no one making tea on the tailgate, no luggage spread all over the side of the road
We need the whole vehicle not some farty shot of a wheel nut
They really need to be landscape too. Portrait shots won't fit on the page

Is anyone getting this?

The picture needs to encompass the spirit of travel and adventure. You don't need the Matterhorn in shot, but a lake or a tree will help
Composition is important. Try to have the vehicle central or over to one side so that it looks across the image not looking as it's driving out of shot.
The picture doesn't have to be from 2018
If you've been in three previous calendars, you'll probably not get picked to let other people have a go. Unless we're desperate at which point I'll use anything or 12 pictures of my 80
We'd really like 40's 60's 70's 90's, 100's 105's FJ's 120's 150's and a 200 if we can as well as the obvious 80 options. If you do happen to own a 50 series, well that's your fault.

So time is tight as always, let's have some good stuff. There's been some great shots during the last 12 months
You can put more than one picture up if you like but be sensible. Sensible? Why am I wasting my time.

You'll need your forum name and a title for the shot - like this

Here's September already. This is Chris - Khibiny Mountains. I know, breathtaking isn't it.

Screen Shot 2018-12-01 at 11.56.08.jpg
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Aug 20, 2014
That's a good photo Nick, nice composition that draws the viewer in via the tyre track to the truck giving a sense of travel, then draws the eye to the rocks and onto the right hand side of the photo
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