265/65 x 17 Yokohama GO15


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I am in great_britain
Jun 17, 2019
Kettering, Northamptonshire
I run a set of these, roughly two years now.
Winter rated (snowflake and mountain symbol stamped) all season AT tyres, and i'm very happy with them indeed on a 120LC5, the wet road grip in particular is superb, comfortable and quiet too.
On Camskill they're £96.70 apiece at the moment, plus if i recall correctly £2.50 or £3 each postage when you buy a set.
This is cheap, i paid around £115 two years ago and that wasn't expensive, and i dare say the prices will rise as winter again approaches.
Might be worth a look if anyone needs new boots soon, don't know about other sizes.

Have read elsewhere some people don't rate the sidewall strength off road in rocky conditions, so i doubt they're an alternative to BFG AT/MT's if you want tyres for serious off road use, and they only came with about 9mm of new tread, but wear rate seems very good, front outside shoulders now around 7mm at worse.


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I am in denmark
Mar 6, 2018
sandwich kent
Iv been searching for 285 75 16 Or thereabouts In these. Cant find any, Bloody good tyre! And at that Price its a no brainer
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I am in australia
Feb 29, 2020
NSW Australia
Yep, very good tyre, I am on my third set now. I got just over 100.000km out of the last set. Driving mostly on black stuff and light 4wd.

The thing is one need to remember to rotate the every 10.000 km.
The biggest bonus of running Yokohama here in AUS is that they give a road hazard warranty. It's pro rata, but if you get new tyres for your next 4wd ad and you are damaging the side walls, Yokohama will give you a new tyre free of charge. If you get a puncture they fix for free.
Particularly handy for builder. As we all know, one just bought this shiny new set of rubber and its guaranteed that a nail or two will be attracted to them .
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