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bulgaria may 2018

ratrace Dec 6, 2017 at 8:34 PM

  1. ratrace

    ratrace Well-Known Member I am in uk

    28th April to 5th-May 2018

    Friends has had to blow out on my next trip due to family.

    Just wondering if anyone on here would like to share the next trip with me

    Bad bit is its a Landrover D1

    Off-roading for a max of 5 days Sun to Thurs or less its up to you

    we will share the cost of fuel and Chris as guide.

    You pay to get there ( we can meet at Gatwick) the cost of your room and food and drinking

    Cost of damage to the bobywork while you drive is down to you but the rest is my problem as i know there are a few minor problems

    Chris is 200lev a day inc breakdown labour (not parts) this about £95 per day total cost is £475 for both of us

    Hotel is upto about £30 per night but i paid about £20

    Taxi from sofia airpot to the coach station i will sort out and i can sort out the coach to Veliko Tarnovo then we need a taxi to the hotel. Last time it cost about 60 lev about £30 and that inc the return trip to the airport
    Cost of Easyjet unkown

    Few things
    you will need a camera

    you can do half of the driving or less its up to you

    you can do hard to soft off-roading

    And if there is a section you are not happy about doing please tell me and we can change over just for that bit
    Also and problems tell me or Chris please and we can sort it out
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