Bundutop Roof Tent/Pop top setup - 80 series maybe others

Michael Clark Sep 17, 2019

  1. Michael Clark

    Michael Clark Member Supporter I am in uk

    Im going for a full chop and box on the back so selling my custom Bundutop electric roof tent, Safari Outback (same as Front Runner) rack, custom storage box and 160w solar panel.

    Mounted on an 80 but Im guessing the rack can be modified to fit a 100 series or other. I modified the rack and bundutop so I could access the roof tent from inside the truck (with a custom frame/hole in the roof) but it can be used without no problem. There are two flaps in the floor that you just wont use. So you have:

    Standard length Bundutop roof tent wrapped satin black (RRP £2950)

    Safari Outback (pre Front runner) rack for 80 (used cost £550)

    Custom front storage box - fully sealed, chequer plate, locks and powdercoated black) £450

    Slim, semi flexible 160w hard coated solar panel on roof £300

    All for £3000

    The bundutop is an awesome tent. Im actually ordering a custom sized on to go on my box on the back. They are strong, weatherproof, spacious, very very windproof and so easy to use.

    69600603_10217469647110293_4831141783347920896_n.jpg 69643132_10217469642750184_4996996395069079552_n.jpg 70514937_10217469642190170_6843517356627460096_n.jpg
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