Canadian, First Toyota, and it’s an LJ78

Traumallama Jul 11, 2019

  1. Traumallama

    Traumallama New Member I am in canada

    Hello!, Greg Beatty here, totally New to the wild world of both diesels and Toyota’s, especially RHD, but I’m the kind to jump in with both feet!

    A few days ago I purchased a 91 RHD 2.4L lj78. Prado SX5 ?

    Only mod I was told about was the previous owner had a 3L valve cover on “for better cooling”
    Honesty, my wife is pregnant and I found that these things get great mileage ( Canadian so looots of Km’s to a tank) we live on the north end of Vancouver island so we are about 500 ish Kms from civilization. I plan to retro fit shoulder restrains for a car seat.

    I’ve got minor off-roading experience, where I live it’s mostly logging roads in various condition, lots of land slides in the rainy seasons.

    Basically I joined this forum to figure out if there are any North American equivalent land cruisers I can use for reference and parts for my little gray beast.
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  2. StarCruiser

    StarCruiser Well-Known Member Supporter Guru I am in uk

    Hi Greg and welcome.

    There’s a LJ 78 with mods in Australia owned by @Ben with a fabulous write up on how he saved it from an unloved state and turned it into an unstoppable off roader. Look up ‘lj78 build thread’. Can’t help with vehicles in the states but there’s few on here know as much about 70 series cruisers as Ben. He’s also got a young son and baby seat fixings.

    Post up some pics of yours when you can.

    Best wishes

    Ps, visited North Vancouver in 2000. Up the Capilano road.
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