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76HJ45 Nov 11, 2019

  1. 76HJ45

    76HJ45 New Member I am in ireland

    Hello my name is Ric Powers, just joined site and looking for some answers. At present I own 3 Fj40’s a69,71 and 73. Got the 71 in 1986 while living in Iowa, was a tow truck driver and as I hauled it away the former owner was kicking and cussing it. So I got it for a tow fee and a weeks storage. Must say it was beat and I beat it even harder and before you know it I loved it and have always had one around to beat. Now though all three are rusting and yes we got 6” of snow last night, so rusting covered in snow in my back lot. I’ll never get rid of them my daughter can take care of that when I’m gone. But I digress, so having Harley Davidson motorcycles has filled some of the fun of not having an old school TLC but have been itching to have another. So 3 years ago got a wild hair flew to Costa Rico and hunted down a 1976 HJ45 on a coffee plantation. Bought it did all import paperwork, shipped to Fla., rode my FLH down to Fla. from Iowa and loaded up bike in the hj45 and have been lovin life since, well until I spun my #1 pushrod bearing and now am trying to get parts together for rebuild. From what I’ve found is I can get parts out of Australia but the shipping is more than the parts cost. So in spending time and studying of course this girl was not available for US sales it has the original Toyota Diesel H Engine. Though the H engine was not available in TLC at that time Toyota was putting them into Toyota fork trucks for US sales. So I have found several fork truck parts warehouses that carry a rebuild kit for these. Can anyone tell me what if any difference the H in my TLC has with a 1976 H in a Toyota fork truck. Sorry about long winded tale, sure could use any guidance or tips on getting my favorite girl back on the road. Thanks Ric
  2. chapel gate

    chapel gate Well-Known Member Supporter Promoted Company I am in england

    Can't help with the question ric, but what a great story.
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  3. jibberjabber

    jibberjabber Well-Known Member

    Hi Ric,

    Only 6", for the younger ones on LCC I'll translate, 152mm. :):):)

    Sorry I don't know much about the 40 series, apart from I know I'd like one, I've only had 60's, 80's and now a 100, I do know a bit about Harley's though, having had six over the last fifteen years, all Touring FLH's, so I can empathise with you there, we travelled all over France, Spain and the UK, did some riding in the US as we have some friends that used to own a Harley Dealership in W.Va., many tails to tell about bike trips, but this is not the right forum to talk about rides on Harley's

    Hope you get sorted, I'm sure someone from the 40 series fourm will give you some advice, and now that you've 'introduced yourself' it might be worth heading over to the 40 fourm and asking them the same question, as they seem a lot more sensible than the rest of the reprobats in the other forums :laughing-rolling::laughing-rolling::laughing-rolling::laughing-rolling::laughing-rolling::laughing-rolling::laughing-rolling:


    Good Luck, JJ
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  4. Shayne

    Shayne Well-Known Member Guru

    I reckon the question was lost in the way it was presented so -

    I believe Toyota used the same engine as my 1976 HJ45 in a fork lift truck , anyone know if this is true and are the parts interchangeable ?

    Did i get that right ?

    Maybe you will have some luck finding parts here
  5. stgibson

    stgibson New Member I am in panama

    Not sure if this will help but it may. I have a 1986 LJ70 with a 2L diesel which was never imported to the US either. I recently did and engine rebuild on this and was unable to get headbolts for the engine thru Toyota here in Panama. I found this on the internet which is in the USA. They had all the OEM parts for my diesel at half the cost of OEM parts thru Toyota. I am not sure about the HJ45 but I would definatley check with them. Excellant service. I had all the rebuild parts, rings ,bearings, gaskets and headbolts sent here to Panama for $72.00.
  6. Rodger

    Rodger Well-Known Member

    Hi Ric and welcome.
    Logically the H engine specifications would be the same regardless of the application but there is no guarantee. I've had a wander through the forklift information but the codes are all different, even though the H engine is specified but at that point the numbering differs.
    I would suggest that it is worth contacting Toyota Material Handling as they have been the importers and distributors of Toyota forklifts since 1967. They are at: 5559 Inwood Dr, Columbus, IN 47201. Phone: 812 341 3800.
    I will continue to search out information but I suspect that phoning TMH may be quicker.
    Hope that helps.
    We'd really like to see photos of your fleet of 40s... we like photos


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