Front headlight clean out suggestions

Matt Wright

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I am in south_africa
May 26, 2010
Cape Town, SA
3rd and final for the day.. Front head lights

I've fitted the uprated wiring loom which has made a big difference to the light output. I then added 100watt bulbs which helped even more
but. it's still not as bright as my other truck which has standard lights, but has crystal clear reflectors and is spotlessly clean inside the light head unit

I've seen people open the light units and clean them out, then seal them up. Is this advisable / are there any major drawbacks to doing it?
I'm missing the rubber caps that stop dirt getting in around the bulb which is where all the sand/mud/dust must have gotten in. It's sand from every country in East Africa!

I saw posts on the web about replacing the whole light unit and there are some really nice looking ones. A few of the mounting clips on the headlights and front of the vehicle are broken off so there are a few DIY fixes in there already so I think brand spanking new lights will look out of place on the silver truck which has a rugged look to it!
Looking for the most effective way forward. Thanks a lot




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I am in europe
Feb 24, 2010
Chesterfield, Derbyshire
Pour a shot gun cartridge in there fill with water and give it a sloosh it it doesn't come clean load another cartridge into a shot gun point it at the headlight and pull the trigger. That'll sort the little bast''''d



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I am in australia
Oct 13, 2010
Melbourne, Australia
Mine are full of dirt. :thumbdown:

I'm planning on putting them in the dishwasher. :icon-biggrin:

Just got to wait till no one else is home. :eusa-shhh:
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