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Fuel tank solenoid not working

Mudman Dec 23, 2016

  1. Mudman

    Mudman New Member

    I have a long range / secondary fuel tank in my BJ73 that came disconnected. Attempted to power a solenoid on it but nothing happened...
    Any tips as I want to get this working?
  2. StarCruiser

    StarCruiser Well-Known Member Guru I am in uk

    Test using a multimeter on 'ohms' across the solenoid to see that it has continuity. It should show a low value reading if ok. If ok, try connecting 12v across it and see if it clicks and sparks on the terminals. If it spars but doesn't open it's probably stuck internally. If it can be taken apart, remove it to a clean working area and disassemble it for cleaning and testing.
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