Full work Service Manual LC200 2013

ali_viento Jun 14, 2017

  1. ali_viento

    ali_viento New Member

    Hi guys,

    Im a DSM tuner for many years in middle east and tuned more than 30 fast mitsubishi turbo cars but i always use the toyota vehicle for daily use or normal driving cause they rock built like 2010 Toyota Aurion ,2008 Prado VX and recently i bought the king LC200 GXR v6 2013 and since i always do the maintenance of all my own cars in my garage then would you please let me know if you have a full work service manual of LC200 in pdf not the simple user manual book that comes with the car from factory , i mean more detail things with torque specs and everything else like engine rebuild details , transmission rebuild ....
    i couldnt find the full manual on google or forums but i already rebuild the 2009 1gr-fe engine and have only that manual .

    Thank you for your time
  2. Marvy

    Marvy New Member I am in australia

    Looks like people are selling it on ebay for about $10. Seems to be a copy of the disk the dealers use. Buy one and let me know if it's any good!
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