glow plug relay?


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Oct 10, 2010
Boston, Lincolnshire
I have a 1998 HZJ75 Pickup with a 4.2D. It starts and runs fine but the previous owner made one slight change

Where you would normally turn the key to the part where the glowplugs heat up and then turn it more to start when the light goes out (Well i think that is what happens), mine has a seperate flick switch to operate the glow plugs and no warning light. This switch goes through a normal relay and i just count 5 seconds before i start.

It seems he did it like this as he could not find the origional relay, however i think its more likely that it was too expensive to replace.

toyodiy list part number 28601 and 28601A as a relay Assy Glow Plug but the image does not show where it is.

I would like to put it back to normal so does anyone have an image of what the normal system relay looks like and where it can be found on my truck?



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I am in australia
Oct 13, 2010
Melbourne, Australia
on my LJ70 it is above the glove box behind the dash.

to get to it on an LJ70 simply un-screw the glove box, box (about 6 screws). pull the box out and look above where the box was and there it is. :thumbup:

i thought i needed to change mine but after having a new charging regulator fitted and wired in properly by an auto electrician, the pre-heat problem fixed it self, so it must have been the charging regulator causing my pre heat problem. :)
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