Help with a fuel pump for 1KT-ZE engine Colorado 1998 3.0 TDI

karenstiell May 3, 2015

  1. karenstiell

    karenstiell New Member I am in grenada

    I live in Grenada in Eastern Caribbean and have a 1998 Colorado 3.0 TDI with around 70K miles on the clock. It has a couple of issues but I can live with everything. The worst being a 'hard start' it always takes around 10 - 15 seconds to start up and the ambient temp over here is 28 deg C, so not due to frost in the mornings. I've change glow plugs, fuel injectors etc but no improvement. Yesterday I was driving up a moderate hill and the car lost power significantly. Foot to the floor but it was limping along. At the top of the hill it cut out completely. I restarted then it made a terrible rattling sound. so I parked up immediately.

    The mechanic says it's the fuel pump and has towed the car away to investigate further so in the meantime here I am .. researching and asking questions of experts as I am no expert whatsoever !

    1. Is it best to purchase a new fuel pump or refurbish the existing fuel pump?
    2. If new, it is best to purchase genuine toyota or after market (if after market which is best brand)
    3. is this a common problem and to be expected for a 16 year old car with 70K miles on the clock

    Any advice would be incredibly helpful.

    There is a local Toyota dealer here but they are $$$$$$$, so if I get parts I'll get from UK - any suggestions where from and ship into Grenada (with hopefully a 'customs' invoice so I don't have to pay as much duties - duties here for imported parts are 65% of the cost, insurance and freight! so if a part in UK costs £30 and shipping is £20 then I have to pay duties of £33 on arrival into Grenada which is 65% of £50)

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