Hi From Dublin

Karl Hunt

New Member
I am in ireland
Jul 16, 2019
Hi Guys

Bad way to start but...

1996 80vx 1hdft 24v sitting at 350000 so i thought id get the injection pump and injectors done. Happy days until i've just got it back from the mechanic. no power, revs on braking. total nightmare. i'm pretty sure the vacuum hoses have been shuffled. i've managed to google most but cant see any around the injection pump. Ive also what could be a vacuum solenoid 2 pipe 2 wires with 1 pipe free to the air, sitting near the fuses on the pump side. i think its the ac idle up but not too sure. could anybody send me a pic of those hoses or have any insight?
I want to be sure all this is right before i think of tuning.

Thanks Karl
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