How To Video - Replace Coolant Tee's

LuckyStrike Jun 19, 2017

  1. LuckyStrike

    LuckyStrike New Member I am in united_states

    Hey guys I made a small video on how to replace the plastic coolant tee's that get brittle with age on the LX470 / Landcruiser. Hopefully the video will give you some insight on what is required to do the job and its a fairly straight forward DIY job. If you have any questions let me know.

    Toyota part numbers
    Parts needed for this job:
    (1) Gallon of coolant - PN# 00272-1LLAC-01
    (2) Coolant Tees - PN# 87248-60460

    Optional, highly recommended parts for this job:
    (1) Coolant hose - PN# 87245-6A220
    (1) Coolant hose - PN# 87245-6A210
    (1) Coolant hose - PN# 87245-6A190
    (1) Coolant hose - PN# 87245-6A180
    (1) Coolant hose - PN# 87245-6A800
    (1) Coolant hose - PN# 99556-20155

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