KENDA KLEEVER’s 33 5/8 (35) X 10.5 X 17 R’s on my ‘67 FJ45


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Jan 4, 2020
Put a set of “Kenda Kleevers” 35 X 10.5 X 17R’s on my truck. I found out that 35 doesn’t mean what we all thought it meant at all ! That’s the category that they are in...NOT the diameter of the tire ! Crazy....:angry-screaming: o_O right ?! So here are some facts as well as photos of what’s become the standard of “modus operandi” for big business and how to short change the consumer...enter, the incredible shrinking PRODUCT !
These tires measure out at 33 5/8 inches tall at 32 lbs p.s.i.


Here in the States, it’s comparable to buying a bag of potato chips full of air (to decieve us into thinking its “full.”) only to find out there’s only 4 chips inside !!

These Kenda Kleevers are made in Vietnam. They are triple sidewalled, weigh 70 lbs. unmounted 91 lbs. mounted on my rims.


Price was right at $174.99 a piece.


Love... the NARROW TRED pattern !!


The mud stays where it belongs...inside my fender flares. Can’t wait to check ‘em out !


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