Land Cruiser 200 (2009) V8TD - Help needed


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I am in south_africa
Dec 3, 2020
Hi Guys

I need some help.

I have a 200 which one day just stopped recognising my wireless key fob (I couldn't open the doors with the remote and the vehicle did not detect the key - alarm kept going off and the doors continued to lock automatically (as if it is in a safe/security mode) - I also tried to place the fob against the push button without luck (I also tried my second key). I ended up being towed to Toyota.

Initially I thought that the issue might be relatively simple, but it turns out not to be the case. After Toyota wanted to replace the whole computer assembly, wire instrument (i.e. essentially all the wiring the the vehicle) and the block cowl (for a small fortune), I told them to hold on and got a friend (LC expert) to go have a quick look at it.

Initially, the vehicle would not even light up, however my friend did the "paperclip" connection between two specific pins which at least made the dash light up (Toyota could not even do this after the car was with them for 3 weeks!). He checked that the key was sending out signals and then tried to establish the connection between the car and the key with his laptop. Unfortunately the car dit not pick up/recognise the key. Toyota confirmed that they installed my wireless key receiver into another 200 and confirmed that it is actually working. Our next guess is that it may be the specific ECU to which the wireless key receiver is connected (see attached) - located on the right side of the vehicle.

Busy sourcing a second-hand one, which I hope will do the trick.

If you have any other advice, please let me know.


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