Landcruiser lj70 [creepycruiser]

Victor Sep 17, 2014

  1. Victor

    Victor Well-Known Member

    Picked up the new meats on my way home from work, and also some hydraulic steery bits..
    39073404190_18a2f49341_c.jpg 2018-03-17 10.40.20 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    They are MASSIVE. :shock:
    40883027341_ca1002f741_c.jpg 2018-03-17 14.34.02 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Yep. Front bumper has to go..
    26011161157_ef1d0b07ef_c.jpg 2018-03-17 13.31.12 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Got some workshop goodies too, new weld handle and hose (Do you call it hose in english? :think:)
    40883030021_6e04d0765b_c.jpg 2018-03-17 10.46.29 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    And a new screen, old one had started acting up, so got a new one, such a difference!
    39073401460_4b56dd07d9_c.jpg 2018-03-17 10.46.37 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Onto the build then! Made a cardboard template first, then cut it out of 5mm sheet
    39073399100_d9f4dd7a5a_c.jpg 2018-03-17 16.29.34 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Other side is a bit worse, turbo is right smack in the way, so that's gotta be moved around, so now i get to make my own manifold, Yay :doh:
    39073398170_aeb317c246_c.jpg 2018-03-18 11.12.06 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    With that out of the way, that side could also be dne and welded, let's just hope i dont have to modify these :shifty:
    39989615475_d94b5b9f9c_c.jpg 2018-03-18 16.34.36 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Had to let some nitrogen out tho to get them mounted, so it's on bumpstops (which there isn't any yet) atm, nothing hit anything tho! :icon-biggrin:
    40883022041_b370473faf_c.jpg 2018-03-18 16.34.48 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Hmmm, less good, but doesnt hit!..
    40883020861_2e9f955e6c_c.jpg 2018-03-18 16.37.05 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    There gotta be atleast 2mm left :cool:
    39073393320_9744e5262a_c.jpg 2018-03-18 16.37.13 by Vc1r, on Flickr
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  2. Victor

    Victor Well-Known Member

    Pic upload malfunctioned last week, so delivering some photos now instead!

    Not very impressive, airshock bind..
    26268604247_25636378dc_c.jpg 2018-03-24 15.47.02 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    41096740362_3ac2041614_c.jpg 2018-03-24 15.47.16 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Que the plasma! Think i widened it 7cm..
    41096739802_f84e15c91f_c.jpg 2018-03-25 16.13.40 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Better, but not good! Still have 12cm to go on the front shocks, so got lots left! Next bind tho! This time between the shocks and the outside frame.. So gonna try and move the lower mounts out so they bridge the gap between the knuckle ball and axle tubing, that'll give me a couple of cm, and then im probably gonna have to give the upper mount a bend outwards too..
    26268601377_71d275e790_c.jpg 2018-03-25 16.14.02 by Vc1r, on Flickr
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  3. Ben

    Ben Well-Known Member Guru I am in australia

    Looking good mate. :thumbup:
  4. Victor

    Victor Well-Known Member


    And since easter is all about eating food and having family around i ran out of time last weekend for an update, so here goes!

    Felt i had to do something else for a bit, and also nice to get one thing off of the garage floor, so decided to finish and install the rear diff :thumbup: Bit of a tight fit tho, had to hammer the bloody thing in, pretty sure im gonna regret that later.. :lol:
    41278636322_8a68e2c87b_c.jpg 2018-04-01 11.46.52 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    New design on the top mounts alltogether..
    40425442455_0a9a311078_c.jpg 2018-04-02 13.13.51 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    No problems now geeting them fully erect :icon-biggrin:
    41278634462_40b79c0480_c.jpg 2018-04-02 13.13.22 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Also did new lower mounts which shows here.. Raised them up and kicked them out over the knuckle, bit of a fiddle to get the steering arm off now, but it's doable, Also redid the configuration to 15cm of uptravel instead..
    41278632232_0265a9ea2b_c.jpg 2018-04-02 13.13.43 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    40425439605_89340eafe9_c.jpg 2018-04-02 13.13.58 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    New lower
    40425437705_b4271ef8e0_c.jpg 2018-04-02 13.14.09 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Hard to tell, but the shock is perfectly aligned with the chassis on full drop. :dance:
    40425432745_1bb08b65dd_c.jpg 2018-04-02 13.14.25 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    And full bump
    40425430875_8bc90cc60b_c.jpg 2018-04-02 15.09.33 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    A bit more lean to it now.. Also put a couple of reinforcements towards the frame..
    27449115608_e1c17140ff_c.jpg 2018-04-02 15.09.44 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Some more reinforcements..
    27449113658_879e09ec2c_c.jpg 2018-04-07 11.52.52 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    As soon as the other side gets done im gonna connect the 2 with a piece of 4x4 tubing over the engine, that's one of the reasons i redid the whole thing..
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  5. Victor

    Victor Well-Known Member

    Sometime during Saturdays fun time i realized one thing..

    What the fuck am i doing!? :shock: :roll: :lol: :mrgreen:

    As said, took a well needed day off on Saturday to start off the season, the zook/spider performed flawlessly during the whole day! Well, im reading engine temps about 100-110c, but it aint boiling over so..
    40917261044_2e3b554736_c.jpg 2018-04-21 11.03.36 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Back at it again today tho! Got me a sample rim for testfitting on my way home from work on Friday, so mounted a tire, and tested some!:D

    Sooooo fucking tight everywhere, but i hope it works!
    40917253554_a66480ef81_c.jpg 2018-04-22 11.03.17 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Not much room between tire and frame..
    41627878691_fa62aba194_c.jpg 2018-04-22 11.03.29 by Vc1r, on Flickr
    Hitting the body mount, but i dont even know if it's gonna stay, so dont care to much about it really.. Also i dont have any steering stops atm..
    39820128140_5ac91acbbf_c.jpg 2018-04-22 11.03.39 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    A couple of cm to the front bumper!
    39820125290_0e7161bea7_c.jpg 2018-04-22 11.03.46 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    39820121830_c460186809_c.jpg 2018-04-22 11.03.52 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    39820119090_0b1be71531_c.jpg 2018-04-22 11.03.58 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Size matters! :lol:
    39820117030_204abab40d_c.jpg 2018-04-22 11.18.41 by Vc1r, on Flickr
    39820114700_42b91ac24c_c.jpg 2018-04-22 11.19.01 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    The rims..
    39820112720_781f8ec823_c.jpg 2018-04-22 11.26.48 by Vc1r, on Flickr
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  6. Victor

    Victor Well-Known Member

    41787568042_c349bfc2a9_c.jpg 2018-04-29 14.28.06 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    41787567092_19e8ed655c_c.jpg 2018-04-29 16.26.29 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    41787565382_4c94c3cbdd_c.jpg 2018-04-29 16.26.39 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    41829446211_f00e331ec0_c.jpg 2018-05-01 16.06.02 by Vc1r, on Flickr
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  7. Victor

    Victor Well-Known Member

    Found a stock turbo intake for the 603, so bought it as i need one :tumbup:
    41364083354_45d2fa9e0d_c.jpg 2018-05-10 11.04.28 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Skipped the last idea, and am doing a bend over the transfer instead, all 5mm :tumbup:
    42083177581_654be3e9c8_c.jpg 2018-05-11 16.51.21 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Done! I left it open on the bottom side, also where it meets the U-beam i made bracelets that go under the U Beam for extra strength..
    42038421742_e96928cdc0_c.jpg 2018-05-13 13.49.04 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Looks like it'll work..
    41364082104_09e844a946_c.jpg 2018-05-13 13.49.20 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Perfect, just a tad short :D
    42083176121_14c30d683e_c.jpg 2018-05-13 13.57.01 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    41364081494_bb2ae0de01_c.jpg 2018-05-13 13.57.11 by Vc1r, on Flickr
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  8. Victor

    Victor Well-Known Member

    Have been quiet here for some time, but i aint goofin around, no! Spring is a hectic time for all offroad events, and with the current heat-wave and my body-build, well, lets just say we aint exactly friends, hot weather and i..

    But! Somethings is happening all the time.. Transfer case mounts is all done! (atleast i think so.. :lol:)
    42083175071_91e4476586_c.jpg 2018-05-13 16.51.26 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    As usual, all is made with 5mm steel, tubing is around 3mm thick..
    27846505137_3345bcd8fe_c.jpg 2018-05-19 16.02.55 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    41997279314_7c1c86f3b1_c.jpg 2018-05-20 10.22.27 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    41997278584_b6ab89f74c_c.jpg 2018-05-20 10.22.38 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    So, with that done it's time to tackle the steery bits!

    Have ordered another set of high steer 6 stud steering arms as i need the drivers side of a RHS unit, that one is longer as it have both the hole for the steering rod, and paralell rod..

    So that's the steering piston spotwelded onto the axle, tight as hell between the panhard rod and hydro fittings, but should work..
    41997278064_33612a77c5_c.jpg 2018-06-10 14.17.00 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Welded a bracket that bolts to the front calipper mounting points, and also the bolt hole for the stock steerings stop.. All 10mm steel. :thumbup:

    But! To you guys that have built full hydros before, this will be way to much angle right?
    41997276814_b6ce1cd9a4_c.jpg 2018-06-10 14.52.07 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Was thinking of welding on another tab below the second one, and get longer bolts, that way it would get even sturdier, and i would get this angle..
    27846498597_35880fcba4_c.jpg 2018-06-10 14.52.22 by Vc1r, on Flickr
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  9. Victor

    Victor Well-Known Member

    Ordered a steering rod kit, that contained rod ends, heim joints and all the bits needed, ofcourse this was all in inches, so had to redrill the rod ends to M20 instead!
    42936438432_4a0b2936bf_c.jpg 2018-06-23 12.12.31 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Had to grind the bolt head down aswell..
    42936437542_3c523e2974_c.jpg 2018-06-23 12.16.21 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Fits like a glove!
    29113733298_6460a3684b_c.jpg 2018-06-23 12.16.35 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    After consulting with hardcore offroaders/builders in Sweden i decided to go the easy route, moved the panhard up maybe an inch on the frame side, that gave me some more clearance..
    29113732178_7a9117b8e0_c.jpg 2018-06-23 14.12.34 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    That together with a guide i got sent to me on how far from the axle to mount the piston gave me this position!
    29113731578_231ffb067f_c.jpg 2018-06-24 16.26.36 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    42936432482_a06aa225dd_c.jpg 2018-06-24 16.26.46 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Apparantly i've ised up 15kg of .8mm welding wire now, so i have some welding left to do..
    29113730188_bb3f0d5b6c_c.jpg 2018-06-24 16.27.09 by Vc1r, on Flickr
    29113729408_019c5d63b4_c.jpg 2018-06-24 16.27.17 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    29113728778_827e1c640b_c.jpg 2018-06-24 16.28.01 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    42084377255_433c13355e_c.jpg 2018-06-24 16.28.12 by Vc1r, on Flickr
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  10. Victor

    Victor Well-Known Member


    Marriage between frame and body is getting close, so figured it would be nice to have everything painted up..

    So now, everything in the front end is painted
    42561041634_621433e7b3_c.jpg 2018-07-06 13.43.14 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Black frame, and silver axles..
    42375533245_8edac0db5c_c.jpg 2018-07-06 13.43.22 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Diff went in, along with new axle seals, and wiper seals, together with new rock rings from trail-gear!
    42375531275_526eec2fd7_c.jpg 2018-07-06 13.43.30 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Instead of a thinner rubber ring, and a felt ring it's a thicker polyurethane ring, feels sturdy and good!
    42375528085_e7fbd9bbb6_c.jpg 2018-07-06 15.15.15 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    And this is how the steering turned out, i have welded a second ear below the rod end though, and ordered some longer bolts!
    43230606792_2ef5088e63_c.jpg 2018-07-06 16.02.05 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    And in place again, thought it'd be tight with all the links, since i built it too damn tight, but turned out to go together pretty easy!
    41469764030_39c9a63074_c.jpg 2018-07-06 17.24.48 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Welded in a new cross-member aswell, so i can finally remove the other one..
    41469763560_7cf3db1630_c.jpg 2018-07-08 15.29.48 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Done like Toyota did it, straight through the frame, and welded on both sides!
    41469762870_56167ecfa0_c.jpg 2018-07-08 15.29.55 by Vc1r, on Flickr
  11. Victor

    Victor Well-Known Member

    And i realized i have forgotten one thing, finally found me some DAMN NICE rims!

    41470029980_297111ec43_c.jpg 2018-06-29 14.33.04 by Vc1r, on Flickr
  12. Victor

    Victor Well-Known Member

    Even though we have the heatwave of a motherfucking charcoal grill right now, with temps around 30 celsius in the shadow, i could finally check one major box on the list of things to do!

    Got the chassis painted, and all buttoned up yesterday, so all (well, not really) that as left to do was to ffinally mount the body!!

    All painted up, looking all shiny and mighty fine..
    28556337337_9618ced690_c.jpg 2018-07-14 16.14.01 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Body lifte doff of the donor, went smoooooooth
    28556335997_281a5e4341_c.jpg 2018-07-15 13.01.27 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    On the way to the altar..
    28556334677_5cd9e02584_c.jpg 2018-07-15 13.10.23 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Dad is out there helping me line them up and such, his exc. too..
    43378574112_cc6e03d38b_c.jpg 2018-07-15 13.10.25 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Almost in place, after i had to quickly remove the brake servo, sich a PITA.. Rear cabcorners is resting on the tires though, so que the grinder!
    43378573062_7063518a1e_c.jpg 2018-07-15 14.06.25-4 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Corners cut..
    43378572202_1bd949e1df_c.jpg 2018-07-15 14.21.39 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    A very rough and quick mock-up to see where everything was..
    43378571152_c1d990bdb5_c.jpg 2018-07-15 14.43.50 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    29555179418_2066d20004_c.jpg 2018-07-15 14.44.20 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    With ca corners cut, servo out of the way, and now resting on wooden blocks, this is it's resting place!
    28556328787_8407d53921_c.jpg 2018-07-15 15.16.53 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Lots of room between body and trans, and a couple of inches between firewall and motor, so looking goooood!
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  13. yota_lj

    yota_lj Active Member I am in italy

    Hi, can i ask you a question?
    I was thinking about your project, LJ70 axles aren't too little for 40'' Maxis? I know that over 33' crown wheel and pinion are in trouble :D...
  14. Victor

    Victor Well-Known Member

    To answer your question, i doubt it..

    I have ran 35" creepys for like 4-5 years before this on stock stuff that had 450.000 kms on them, a few chipped teeth in the crown wheel in the back, but nothing major, and i haven't been exactly nice to it..

    HOWEVER, not stock anymore, i've changed the stock 4.88 ratios out for 5.29's, knuckles is also upgraded to trail-gears six shooter knuckles, so they are pretty much indestructible..
  15. yota_lj

    yota_lj Active Member I am in italy

    ;) Thanks Victor for the explain, very good job ;)
  16. Victor

    Victor Well-Known Member


    Body on, then you need body mounts!

    Thought i'd make them in 3mm first, but had none, so went with 5mm instead :mrgreen:
    42859355445_ac45323627_c.jpg 2018-07-20 14.52.21 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Started cutting the front after they were done, really pleased with the look..
    42859346655_88bd7bcaac_c.jpg 2018-07-22 15.53.06 by Vc1r, on Flickr
    42859354225_46d68b595d_c.jpg 2018-07-22 15.53.37 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Testfitted some lights, so ordered 4 new round foglights to use :tumbup:
    42859353505_a1180e8d15_c.jpg 2018-07-23 16.02.27 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    A mounting point for the innerfender was rotten, so fixed that while at it.. BTW, did you know i hate working sheet metal...
    42859352865_bd80395bca_c.jpg 2018-07-25 11.16.47 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Lots to do, so got me a whiteboard to keep track of everything.. :tumbup:
    42859352005_d438e53fea_c.jpg 2018-07-26 13.26.33 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Front bolted together, so i could see that all is well, nice lines! :D
    42859351235_c5c0906041_c.jpg 2018-07-28 13.54.05 by Vc1r, on Flickr
    42859350475_6deb0a951d_c.jpg 2018-07-28 13.54.13 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Body mounts for the front.. Volvo gearbox rubbers :mrgreen:
    42859349515_8b29996668_c.jpg 2018-07-28 13.54.25 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Bracketry for throttle, and bowden cable..
    42859348775_924e893085_c.jpg 2018-07-30 15.26.22 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    APPARANTLY someone placed a airshocktower RIGHT where the AC/fan unit sits, so gutted the AC components and cut it off, gotta get me some fiberglass and polyester for that and patch it up. :D
    42859347745_33216a469e_c.jpg 2018-07-30 15.26.32 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Hmm.. WHat the hell.. :roll: :shock:
    42859347165_3f9bcc5e41_c.jpg 2018-07-31 13.31.36 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    High low shifter, that was the only round bar i could find so.. :mrgreen:
    42859346345_df86a49b8b_c.jpg 2018-07-31 13.32.44 by Vc1r, on Flickr
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  17. Victor

    Victor Well-Known Member

    Ordered me a chev hydroboost and brake cylinder, big ol' kit to fit..
    29956936268_112d3965bb_c.jpg 2018-08-02 10.21.56 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Got started on the 4wd lever..
    29956935398_879b4678de_c.jpg 2018-08-02 10.51.43 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    29956934328_8222735b50_c.jpg 2018-08-02 14.28.14 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    29956933268_efa5c174b8_c.jpg 2018-08-02 15.11.24 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    29956932208_bbc45ccf31_c.jpg 2018-08-02 15.11.52 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    29956931038_970a4fd3bc_c.jpg 2018-08-02 15.11.59 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Then it was time to mate the S10 tree shifter to the merc auto box..

    29956930158_a7611dffc5_c.jpg 2018-08-03 10.39.00 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Noticed i quite couldnt get 2nd gear to lock in, so had to grind me some in this plate..
    29956928878_2ff9eb7978_c.jpg 2018-08-03 13.43.18 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Fitted for testing..
    42922884695_91774cff2b_c.jpg 2018-08-03 13.46.58 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    29956927648_88baa38dd6_c.jpg 2018-08-03 13.47.07 by Vc1r, on Flickr
    43826498751_0ef2a7e0cd_c.jpg 2018-08-03 13.47.14 by Vc1r, on Flickr
  18. Victor

    Victor Well-Known Member


    Got some help machining down the axle that bolts to the orbitrol, and also making a socket to fit between it and the steering axle..
    43228431945_b8b8bf4440_c.jpg 2018-08-11 15.12.45 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Was missing some stuff for the hydros, so cracked on with the brake servo instead..
    After much tinkering around this was the best osition i could come up with..
    43228430805_8b7d614a9c_c.jpg 2018-08-12 15.59.11 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Had to point it out a wee bit..
    30267532008_edc6affa29_c.jpg 2018-08-12 15.59.17 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Kind of like so..
    30267530668_0738980d47_c.jpg 2018-08-12 15.59.24 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    But then! It struck me like lightning! the hydrobooster is a pressurized hydraulic unit, so it dont care which way it is mounted, quick googling confirmed this, so i quickly flipped it over!
    30267529638_ebed362856_c.jpg 2018-08-17 11.42.10 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Me flipping it made it possible to get it square to the firewall!
    43416311434_6aa6d9db28_c.jpg 2018-08-17 11.42.15 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Minimal cutting in the firewall..
    43416309704_2ec5049503_c.jpg 2018-08-17 11.42.22 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Out with the pin in the pedal, in with a m12 rod, some nuts and voila!
    43416308344_2c833f7cfe_c.jpg 2018-08-17 16.09.16 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Bloody aesome weather today, so decided to do the fixing on the A/C unit, first time working with fiberglass!
    43416307194_de2a8cfa7b_c.jpg 2018-08-19 13.28.19 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Not showroom quality, but good enough for me..
    30267524718_21038b0406_c.jpg 2018-08-19 16.09.57 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Mounted and in place.!
    43228419945_bea9ce0aba_c.jpg 2018-08-19 16.41.43 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    29197460257_7b370f63b8_c.jpg 2018-08-19 16.41.49 by Vc1r, on Flickr
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  19. Victor

    Victor Well-Known Member

    Got some pics since last weekend to show..
    Got stated on the hydro bit, gonna make a rubbersuspended mount since it's being mounted to the chassis, and the cab is mounted with rubber too..

    Started out with a exhaust clamp, welded to a 5mm steel plate..
    42619738480_d5945398c1_c.jpg 2018-08-25 15.34.59 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Cut and folded a piece of 5mm around the hydro, then welded it to the plate..
    42619737270_49b6b41be6_c.jpg 2018-08-25 16.13.57 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Fabbed 2 mounting points, and also a lower support..
    42619735120_d49e33a83d_c.jpg 2018-08-26 12.32.23 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    42619733680_ca84023b64_c.jpg 2018-08-26 12.32.34 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Cushions on..
    42619732240_6177be58b5_c.jpg 2018-08-26 13.59.09 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    That's where it'll end up, lower plate will be welded to the chassis..
    42619731420_35ed282d9b_c.jpg 2018-08-26 16.01.17 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    42619730720_b1021e7c4c_c.jpg 2018-08-26 16.01.22 by Vc1r, on Flickr
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  20. Victor

    Victor Well-Known Member

    Lite update igen..

    All welded up and done..
    43199299600_4ed3439f01_c.jpg 2018-09-18 19.40.33 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    The rims were a bit tight between the spokes so had to get these bad boys..
    44099821185_232c23b05d_c.jpg 2018-09-29 11.21.35 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    And this week i ordered some new goodies, a new radiator (31x18") with built in trans cooler, exh. manifold kit, and this sweet steering wheel coupled togehter with a Snap-off hub
    43199298020_b3788ba94f_c.jpg 2018-09-29 16.14.32 by Vc1r, on Flickr
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