Landcruiser lj70 [creepycruiser]

Victor Sep 17, 2014

  1. Victor

    Victor Well-Known Member

    So i have just learned to make manifolds :icon-biggrin:

    In the making..
    30200469277_c1c204c6f7_c.jpg 2018-10-06 11.37.15 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    "Done" Just need to be fully welded, but that's for next weekend.. because of various reasons.. :icon-biggrin:
    30200468257_210422b2e6_c.jpg 2018-10-06 13.43.10 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    30200467187_8ea2e2270b_c.jpg 2018-10-06 13.43.23 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Be it luck, or skills, dont know, but i built the whole thing on the bench, then testfitted, and had 1½cm to spare until i hit the strut :lol:
    30200466517_9508a3049c_c.jpg 2018-10-06 13.49.55 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Tight against the head too..
    30200466057_1707fc0b6c_c.jpg 2018-10-06 13.50.03 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    It will end up quite high, but that's the only space i have so... And who would argue against a turbo sticking up out of the hood :icon-biggrin::icon-biggrin::icon-biggrin::icon-biggrin::icon-cool::icon-cool::icon-cool:
    43325044690_60786c8d35_c.jpg 2018-10-06 13.50.09 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Aaaaaaaand, doing all this fancy work means one thing.. Cant mount the old filthy lump garret calls a turbocharger, so have ordered a brand new Holset Hx30 :icon-biggrin::icon-biggrin: That's good for up to 400Hp :icon-cool: When i get that one (hopefully next weekend) and can test fit it, and see that everything lines up, then i will weld the hell out of that manifold :icon-biggrin:
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  2. Victor

    Victor Well-Known Member

    A couple of fresh pics..

    31443785258_3ddcc338b9_c.jpg 2018-10-14 11.31.44 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    31443784798_37fda5f515_c.jpg 2018-10-14 11.31.54 by Vc1r, on Flickr
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  3. iwan_t24

    iwan_t24 Well-Known Member I am in wales

    Top job Victor! Good work on the manifold!

    Thanks for sharing man.. :thumbup:
  4. Victor

    Victor Well-Known Member

    Started on Saturday with chopping the rear end off again, as i've realised it was too short for my liking, and also the first bends i did prevented me from placing the airshocks where i wanted..
    31208834837_c827e7efa0_c.jpg 2018-12-01 15.39.00 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Then, as i had gotten me some pipe, the bending began! Im going to bring it out over the wheels as in the picture, then up, and place the top of the "bed" just over the airvent on the back of the cab, this is about eyeheight for me, and im 184cm tall :mrgreen:
    31208832977_de280facd8_c.jpg 2018-12-01 15.39.06 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    First 2 done, taking notes for each bend on how many cm of piston is visible on the bender, and also where on the pipes the bends is, then it is easy to duplicate ;)
    31208832787_9cb8fbde61_c.jpg 2018-12-01 15.39.29 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Getting there.. The first "Main hoop" is made out of one 3m tube, all bent in one of these Pushy type benders, no pulling.. 9 Bends in total, and first try :mrgreen:
    31208838287_071e0fd34b_c.jpg 2018-12-02 16.25.23 by Vc1r, on Flickr
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  5. Victor

    Victor Well-Known Member

    Outer rim on the "bottom" is spotwelded in place..
    46247203861_305abca6bc_c.jpg 2018-12-09 16.26.16 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Went out and got the hoses on Friday, well see if this routing works out..
    46196355952_7dcb4aab75_c.jpg 2018-12-09 16.26.38 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Just the small 6/8mm hose left for the hydrobooster to solve..
    46247203691_82463af373_c.jpg 2018-12-09 16.26.50 by Vc1r, on Flickr
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  6. Victor

    Victor Well-Known Member

    Back to the rear!

    Full speed ahead in the workshop this weekend to get the Airshock towers done and welded.. 13 months later..

    The second side was a true PITA to get close enough to the other in angles and such, but in the end i got it good enough for me, it'll just be a trailrig for ME anyway so...

    31402761177_25560bbbe5_c.jpg 2018-12-16 15.21.32 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    45618657284_ff6aa8d866_c.jpg 2018-12-16 15.22.12 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    31402760877_bb9144ee71_c.jpg 2018-12-16 15.22.27 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    45618657074_a268c8b8ce_c.jpg 2018-12-16 15.22.45 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    31402760627_245ba34529_c.jpg 2018-12-16 15.23.17 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Put a tube in between aswell to get em more sturdy..
    45618656984_a542db9de2_c.jpg 2018-12-16 15.57.10 by Vc1r, on Flickr
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  7. Victor

    Victor Well-Known Member

    Had to do some cutting to allow flexing..
    44711615030_e104595657_c.jpg 2018-12-22 13.45.29 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Fully bumped, pleny of room..
    44711614470_f7dd36727d_c.jpg 2018-12-22 16.06.07 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    New mate :D
    44711613970_f125eb9926_c.jpg 2018-12-27 14.47.18 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    So, to put some stress on me i sold the zook a couple of days ago.. Premiere is set to end of April.. not even 4 months..
    44711613460_6bb3093776_c.jpg 2018-12-28 14.45.04 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Looking GOOD!! 5" :D
    44711613150_3d8c673d91_c.jpg 2018-12-29 13.13.06 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Progressing on the rearend..
    44711612960_429cec8691_c.jpg 2018-12-30 16.19.56 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Rad is missing in the pic, but it will be between the shock and the outside pipe on the drivers side, mounted lengthwise..
    44711612740_e44ae26845_c.jpg 2018-12-30 16.20.05 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Was planning to put baterys there first, but remembered what a fucking PITA they are to lift and move around..
    44711612110_9276c5aa49_c.jpg 2018-12-30 16.20.12 by Vc1r, on Flickr
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  8. Victor

    Victor Well-Known Member

    Starting off with a pic of the car with newly filled airshocks Such a good feeling :icon-biggrin:
    45812693575_d31516b616_c.jpg 2019-01-03 15.09.41 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    So! Rear end is coming along nice, here i've started mounting the tank..
    45812693835_d2a062b23d_c.jpg 2018-12-31 16.00.12 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    31786876477_3e9de8e389_c.jpg 2018-12-31 16.00.07 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    31786877017_2bf2db2ac8_c.jpg 2018-12-31 15.59.59 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Next in line, cooler, aluminium so rubber suspended all day loooooong.. :icon-cool:
    45812693385_2663032ded_c.jpg 2019-01-12 11.14.05 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    45812692115_cb8d68d8b2_c.jpg 2019-01-12 11.15.07 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Battery shelf, 2x95AH should be enough, right? :roll: :mrgreen:
    45812693055_3dd25e63cf_c.jpg 2019-01-12 11.14.19 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    45812692715_e4a2eff9c6_c.jpg 2019-01-12 11.14.28 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Out of M8 rod so had to make some specialty work.. :wtf:
    45812692375_23e674227a_c.jpg 2019-01-12 11.14.45 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Put together a quick mount for the exhaust riser..
    31786823217_3f04d2981b_c.jpg 2019-01-12 11.15.17 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Kept it low to be protected by the cage..:thumbup:
    45812691575_55d369257b_c.jpg 2019-01-12 11.15.25 by Vc1r, on Flickr
  9. Victor

    Victor Well-Known Member

    Bit of an update coming your way ;)

    Some maintenance before startup.. Had to make shute for the oil not to spill all over everything..
    32183491817_c4121175ba_c.jpg 2019-02-09 13.25.30 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Gearbox is also drained, no pics though..

    And onto hooking up batterys!
    32183491447_7f6b0db186_c.jpg 2019-02-15 16.38.52 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    32183491397_18fcb61bf0_c.jpg 2019-02-15 16.38.57 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Cant have to much ground..
    32183491237_e39938a83e_c.jpg 2019-02-15 16.39.02 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Fusebox and main switch..
    32183491057_59d9d1f7f1_c.jpg 2019-02-15 16.39.06 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Reaally long wires yeah :lol:
    32183490897_cc89f66304_c.jpg 2019-02-15 16.39.36 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Nice shiny connector for all 12v sources..
    32183490817_3327348838_c.jpg 2019-02-15 16.39.55 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Also got the hydraulic tank rewelded, plugged 2 outlets and got a filler welded on, also on the left is a breather ;)
    47073250862_a513c0b42e_c.jpg 2019-02-15 16.41.53 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    So now i am fiddling with the glow plug system, turns out have to change no.3 and no.6 glow plug (BLEH) and then just run the wires to a push button inside the cab..

    So next week we might just get a startup ;) Might.. ;)
    Nästa helg så kanske.. ;)
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  10. Chris Boorer

    Chris Boorer Member I am in australia

    Wow mate that is a great looking rig you have built there can't wait to see it finished and a video or its first run, your quite the engineer, and have way more patience than me
  11. Victor

    Victor Well-Known Member



    Well, last weekend everything that could go wrong pretty much went wrong.. I had one simple objective with that weekend, and that was to start it up and get a small test drive on the driveway.. Well, that didnt happen.. Motor oil leak, then a diesel leak at the injectors (Bad return line), then i filled the turbo up with oil due to a too small return line.. After that my tranny started spewing ATF fluid, aaaaand right after that our new methal lathe acted up..


    Slowly we're getting there again!!

    Machined a restrictor for the banjo on the turbo for the oil feed to slow that down a bit, went from 5.5-6mm to 2.8mm..

    Then there's the return line, Holset apparantly reccomends at minimum a 19mm return line, i had like a 8mm. Oops!!
    Machined a couple of hose connectors for 19mm hose, which i bored out to 18mm inside, that should do!
    Then welded these to 2 plates that bolts to the block and turbo..

    Turboside.. This one needs to get an addition though that points out from the turbo, as the hose will be hitting the manifold otherwise..
    46545995774_55570d7184_c.jpg 2019-03-01 16.20.47 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    And the blockside..
    46545995534_69bb757d38_c.jpg 2019-03-02 11.35.39 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    And then! Straight on with the auto gearbox, transfer down first!
    46545995334_1929e384e1_c.jpg 2019-03-02 15.09.33 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Engine secured!
    46545995204_439bc5f77e_c.jpg 2019-03-02 15.09.39 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Close now..
    46545995064_f86c754a12_c.jpg 2019-03-02 16.03.15 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Box down, and this is the axle on the torque converter that slips into the box, doesn't look right..
    46545994844_2b2137dc0d_c.jpg 2019-03-03 13.26.19 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Dismantled the whole front pump assembly
    46545994774_c44369ae6e_c.jpg 2019-03-03 13.26.32 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    This bushing is situated right before the seal, Does not look very healthy.. Whole innerside should be copperplated.. It has also spun with the TC instead of sitting still..
    46545994604_2c9fc08899_c.jpg 2019-03-03 13.27.05 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    So! New seal ordered, new bushing and threw in a new Torque converter aswell for good measure! Hopefully parts will arrive this next week!
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  12. clivehorridge

    clivehorridge Well-Known Member Supporter Guru I am in romania

    You’ve the patience of a saint Victor:thumbup:
  13. Victor

    Victor Well-Known Member


    Yeah, i guess! It's pretty frustrating at times though!

    Also, Back on square one! Everything back together and all seem to be holding up!

    Pump in place again with a new bushing and seal!
    32462724057_e5c27b0053_c.jpg 2019-03-15 13.40.52 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    The torque conv. i got, too big! :puke-front::eusa-liar:
    33528818608_d60b52a54d_c.jpg 2019-03-15 13.42.06 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Oh well, up with the old one in the lathe and clean the axle up..
    32462723927_6ce29840df_c.jpg 2019-03-15 15.28.59 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Box in place, and testrunned, seems fine :icon-biggrin:
    33528818418_8f19d493c2_c.jpg 2019-03-16 13.48.39 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Fixed me a simple dipstick for the hydraulic tank on Sunday..
    32462723707_fcf85e0e83_c.jpg 2019-03-17 10.43.43 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    And finally! Everything is back together now! Looking forward to maybe get a testdrive next weekend :icon-cool:
    33528817918_ffbdd0aab6_c.jpg 2019-03-17 15.57.48 by Vc1r, on Flickr
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  14. Victor

    Victor Well-Known Member

    Well, since that gearbox STILL was pissing ATF fluids i decided it was time for it to find a fuck to fly off with and buy another one.. So got me a specimen from a newer Sprinter van this time, complete with converter, that has been sitting behind an Om602 for about 350.000 kms.
    46592267135_792450c393_c.jpg 2019-03-27 17.55.51 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Didnt have the long 12 point 30mm socket needed for the pinion flange nut on the boxes, so had to make one!
    46592266985_3f26bc70b8_c.jpg 2019-03-30 13.41.06 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    The new box had a digital speedo, which also meant the housing was different then from mine, so swapped them over, and also the pinion flange which had 4 arms on the new box, and i had 3..
    40541790893_002106a142_c.jpg 2019-03-30 16.05.22 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    And also some other good news, on Saturday im going on a full day roadtrip to collect a new buddy, so stay tuned ;)
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  15. Victor

    Victor Well-Known Member

    Ok, so remember how i told you guys last week about a roadtrip? Well, here's the reason!
    40591073643_6b659724a4_c.jpg 2019-04-06 11.34.02 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Got me a new transport, since i want to see more of offroadSweden and take the new build with me, and having a place with me all the time to sleep in makes things more fun..

    On the way home, lunch by one of Swedens biggest lakes, Vättern
    32614596807_2fd3bc207c_c.jpg 2019-04-06 12.20.08 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Slightly hazy, but awesome view for a lunch ;)
    40591073553_620028068d_c.jpg 2019-04-06 12.26.34 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Home again, at 10m long it's "only" 3.5 m longer then the yellow one :lol:
    32614596547_ff227cdb08_c.jpg 2019-04-07 17.06.34 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    And now for the fucking fun part of the weekend! Finally got my testdrive in the new thing! WOOFUCKINGHOOO!!!
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