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lj70 restoation project

doyle61 Dec 19, 2016

  1. doyle61

    doyle61 Active Member I am in ireland

    http:// IMG-20160708-WA0006_zpsgnjlkno0.jpg
    So a couple of months ago I showed ye my new lj70 (New for me anyway lol) and last week myself and my father started the restoration project. So bit of background; this is the body donor for the car. It's an lj70 vx model with that crap 2.4 (2 lt) engine in it. This really is the worst engine toyota ever built. It only has 136k miles on it though which is mental when you think of it.
    http:// 20161213_111634_zpsjf4smfc3.jpg
    I'm going to change it but hopefully the head isn't gone on this engine so i can hold of for a while first and get everything else sorted first. As i said it's a vx which I'm delighted with. My chassis I'm getting of my brother in law who's doing up two atm as well. It's a 1987 chassis.
    So my end criteria is that the 70 will be pritty standard with few subble mods. I'll fit a winch but it'll be hidden, a snorkel, 16" wheels and few other bits as I go along. It'll be used for light offroad driving (lol ye right I always say that and then go crazy), shooting and shows which I'm really looking forward to.
    So as I said in the other thread there's rust in the usual spots so first thing to do was strip the interior to see if there are any other hidden gremelins.
    http:// 20161213_111621_zpsunsafvb7.jpg
    http:// 20161213_110220_zpseaxno8eg.jpg
    So when I got the carpet out and had a good look around I was over the moon, No rust on inner arches and everywhere bat two small bits on drivers sill are rock solid so happy days.
    The second reason for stripping the interior is to lighten the body for when we lift it to do the chassis swap so everything bolt on will go.
    http:// 20161213_150636_zpsafwutvto.jpg
    http:// 20161213_150650_zpsgd9jx2tw.jpg
    The rear doors I reckon are just too far gone and I'll proposal just replace them and I'm just not sure yet about the drivers door. There are couple of small holes along the sill on it and I'm thinking it might be just easier to replace rather than repair. There's also small bit of rust under the windscreen on passenger side bit overall it's actually very solid.
    I'm also taking smaller bits home with my to repair there rather than having a huge amount to do when in the shed. I'll take photos when I'm doing them repairs and post when I can
    http:// 20161213_150659_zps72iyrg0a.jpg
    So wish me luck lads, this is my first full on restoration!!!! So any advice and suggestions will be welcome and hope ye enjoy the project
  2. clivehorridge

    clivehorridge Well-Known Member Supporter Guru I am in romania

    Looking good so far, and a good practical approach by the sound of it :thumbup:

    Wishing you luck (as requested) and patience... :icon-biggrin:
  3. Shayne

    Shayne Well-Known Member Supporter Guru

    Best of luck with it Doyle it looks like your starting out with a good base .

    I'm no good to you for tips and advice because i constantly wish i thought i had the ability and the facilities to build my own truck from a multitude of donor vehicles , but i don't :cry:

    So with that said maybe i can contribute by saying i guess you wouldn't be taking on such a project if the LJ70 wasn't your dream car for keeps , and with that in mind i would suggest you source a 3.0 engine and sort out the brackets for it on the chassis your bro is donating then take it to be galvanized .

    Seems everyone with a 2LT swaps or wants to swap for a 3L so no explanation needed there . And my idle day dreaming has had me look into galvanizing my 90 chassis , if i could cart in a bare chassis to them it might cost in the ball park of 200 quid , but if i drove my truck to them they are talking upwards of 3 grand for me to drive it away again with a shiny chassis .

    Food for thought maybe .
  4. Ben

    Ben Well-Known Member Guru I am in australia

    Nice project, looking forward to seeing it progress! :thumbup:
  5. doyle61

    doyle61 Active Member I am in ireland

    Well came across my first little oversight today. ..... was spraying the grill, headlight surrounds and underside of plate at back of bumper and used sattin black. It just looks wrong so back to motor factors tomorrow for different shade/effect black. I decided to paint the underside of the plate because the top side chrome is 100% so its just for a bit of protection
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