LJ73 1988


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I am in england
Jan 26, 2020
Hi.......new to this forum and all looks very good.

I'm struggling for parts for mine after deciding to get cracking with the restoration.

Does anyone know the best place to get parts in the UK.

Need a rear bumper as my 3 part system is battered. Also need weather seals for the sliding windows on the FRP top.


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Apr 30, 2010
Hello Glen & welcome.Once you've settled in some photos of your LJ would be well received but meanwhile I'm sure someone from the 70 series forum will be along shortly to reply to your questions.


Hi Glen, Welcome,

Milners have a slection of 70 series parts, they may or maynot be the pest place to buy parts in the UK, but they do sell part for the 70.

I expect the 70 lads will put you on a better track soon.

Hope this helps, Good Luck. :thumbup:
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Tel Boy

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I am in great_britain
Dec 19, 2019
Hi Glen,

Welcome. Its good to see another 70 series owner joining. We love our 70s here.

There are people in this club who know much more than me about where to get parts and they will have better advice than me, but to get you started here's some basic info. For service parts and consumables try Milners and Roughtrax. There has been some criticism from members about Milners for quality of seals and gaskets, but the rest of their stuff seems OK. No problems at all with Roughtrax, and they cover a wider range of parts. Unfortunately not the bits you are looking for.

Sourcing parts in the UK for rear bumpers and rear window seals might be a bit tricky without going to Toyota for them. If you do end up doing that Simon Holton, Parts manager at Steven Eagell (Steven Eagell Toyota (Northampton) | - [Leaving Land Cruiser Club]) gives a discount for club members. Email him.

Outside the UK is not a daft option. Start by going to (Toyota parts catalog - [Leaving Land Cruiser Club]) and putting your model number in. Read it off the VIN plate in the engine bay bulkhead and put in the whole thing, e.g. LJ73RV-MEXW or whatever it is. This will allow you to get the exact part numbers you need. Then go to Amayama (www.amayama.com/en) and put those part numbers in to get prices. They courier stuff to UK.

The trouble with those bumperettes at the back is there are so many little bits and pieces to get rusted, bent and buggered, especially if you go off road, that several members on here have replaced them with custom made ones. Maybe you could get a local sheet metal workshop to bend something up to your own design.
70 Ser. Rear bumper.png

Too many fiddly little bits. Here's what I have done instead. Zero points for style but they are strong and simple and give a much better departure angle once the fog & reverse lights are unplugged for going off road.

Sorry I can't help with the window seals, I've got the standard tin-top.


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