Need help! 1995 80 series duel fuel

Yowie Aug 4, 2018

  1. Yowie

    Yowie New Member I am in australia

    Hey everyone,
    Massive question here, im not a full on 4x4 driver and know stuff all about engine's. I got my 80 series cruiser (duel fuel) about 12 years ago to drive from melbourne to darwin but lifes issues got in the way. When i got my cruiser it had 180000km on it and everything was perfect.. untill i needed an entire top end rebuild costing me $6000 then i did the radiator on a public holiday $1300 then i hit 325000km needed another top end rebuild $7000. I dont understand because i do look after it. The fuel pump died a month ago and now the rear engine seal is dripping oil everywhere i park so thats more money. Ive put that much money into it that ill never get back so ill continue to fix all issues untill they stop. On Family holidays i dont like to drive it more than 350km cos i stress something else will go. What causes this to continuously happen when its regularly serviced and i dont give it a hard time. Its just a money pit. Has anyone else had these issues before?

    Cheers guys..
  2. Higgy

    Higgy Well-Known Member I am in denmark

    I feel for 'ya' mate. Its just one of life's little kicks in the teeth.. I know you shouldn't expect it from a Landcruiser but I could share same stories. my missu's car any LandRover owner, my motorbike , the faults could drive you Insane.. Im sure there are 80series owners on here that can swap nightmares with you. You keep trying to answer that niggling Question..... Should I get Rid! .. good luck with it mate:disappointed:
  3. Yowie

    Yowie New Member I am in australia

    Cheers mate. Its a tough dicssion weather to sell it but my last 2 cars that i sold for $2500 each are now worth $30000 (prem hz wagon and a ford xy wagon) regret selling them every day. Ahh well ill get my cruiser faultless one day. Just need to sell a kidney first haha
  4. StarCruiser

    StarCruiser Well-Known Member Supporter Guru I am in uk

    You say it’s a dual fuel cruiser. Do you mean its the 1FZ-FE petrol with a gas conversion? If you do and you run on gas then the valves are known to suffer. This is supposed to be mitigated by having the valve oiler system (flashlube I think it’s called) and there seem to be hardened valves out there (for the later V8 at least) which are designed for gas. Whether these two things combined actually give longevity to the top end when running on gas I’ve no idea but I would expect them to.

    Sorry to hear about the crankshaft oil seal. But then it has done 325000 km. I know of a Mercedes Vito that began to leak (everywhere) at 170000 miles. No comfort I know. The thing is that these trucks will do the miles. They can be fixed and do require certain fixes but given TLC they do reward the driver with a very big grin. :)

    Good luck with it. Enjoy it and you’ll feel better if don’t count the pennies too much.
  5. bbto3r

    bbto3r New Member I am in panama

    I have had mine for more than 15 years already, don't plan to sell it...the thing is, I do my own repairs, gives me a better understanding of the machine and know what is capable of...mine is a 1995, 1HD-T, duel taks and duel AC...cranck shaft seal (front) is not such a big issue, just see them timing marks and go for, the rear involves having to take the transmission out, if it is a manual, do it when clutch needs replacement so you do it only once, if it is automatic, well, enjoy,that thing is heavy

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