New Front fogs

Steve Wright Mar 30, 2018

  1. Steve Wright

    Steve Wright Well-Known Member I am in great_britain

    This is a follow up from a request for front fogs and bought from
    As the reason i needed one was the lamp was totally goosed as per picture
    but I think the reason for this is the crud that comes from the front o/s wheel gets straight onto the back of
    the fog unit, but on the n/s there is a cover that blocks the crud hitting the back of the fog light so the problem
    is not as bad.
    so I have fitted a plate that covers the back of the fog unit and hopefully stops the most of the crud hitting the lamp and here is a couple of photos:

    and here is the new lamps fitted :
  2. uHu

    uHu Well-Known Member I am in sri_lanka

    How are the fogs? As good as the original? Looks good, -- but with the name "powerful", I expected something with more light than the standard HB4 bulb tho'...
    Great idea with the extra shield. I've seen others doing something similar, with rubber or plastic. It's really strange that t0yota have designed it so that the front wheel splashes directly onto the bulb. OTOH, the fogs are not all that useful. Much better to put a pair of pencil-beams in the bumper, or in the grille.
    65 £ . That's cheap.
    Last edited: Apr 15, 2018
  3. Steve Wright

    Steve Wright Well-Known Member I am in great_britain

    They seem fine as good as the original ones But I am convinced its the water/crud coming off the tyre
    that causes the offside one to go as it does, and to get the lamps and wiring kit (I did not need the kit) for
    that amount was good, I have seen a single one for around the £60 ish

    As for the output power I don't think there is a need for a higher wattage as they are only fog and we don't get
    much fog and I am certainly not one for driving round with fogs on ! but on the matter of driving lights (or DRLs) some one was selling the fogs with DRLs inbuilt, and I was thinking about them but cannot see them any more.
  4. Miro

    Miro New Member I am in bulgaria


    @Steve Wright - about these new fog light - very nice finding indeed. If it's not too much trouble, may I ask you for a picture of the light pattern they produce on a near flat surface (wall, garage door, etc.)? I am interested if they have similar cut-off line as the originals.

    To illustrate what I have in mind, attaching a picture of the pattern made only by the left hand side fog light on my truck, from about 3 meters away from the door. The right hand one is gone; half filled with dirt, sand, salt etc.

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