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LC80_GXL Aug 5, 2018

  1. LC80_GXL

    LC80_GXL New Member I am in australia

    Hi all,

    Just bought a nice clean 80 series cruiser, shes the last batch of the 80's, build date 2/98, and it's a 40th anniversary model, with couple extra options, no mods yet, only planning to fit a arb bar and kaymar rear spare wheel carrier as its a FZJ80R on gas and the rear tank has been removed to fit the gas tank and the spare does not fit there anymore.
  2. StarCruiser

    StarCruiser Well-Known Member Supporter Guru I am in uk

    Hi there LC and welcome to this most friendly forum. Sounds like you’ve found the needle in the haystack. Be great to see some pics. I don’t think I’ve seen a 40th anniversary 80 before.
    Good to have you aboard.

    Best wishes
  3. LC80_GXL

    LC80_GXL New Member I am in australia

    Finally got them to upload correctly! it's been a while since i've used a image hosting service, lots more options now.
    So here she is, i've named her "Goldie", much to the mrs dismay, shes a lil jealous that i've been spending quite a bit of time on the 4by and not her.
    It's a genuine 40th anniversary model, there's quite a bit of speculation in regards to this limited edition model, from the research and ppl i've spoken with they all seem to be similar spec, in australia anyway.

    Exert from LC80 series Wiki
    • 1997 – 4744 FZJ80 Land Cruisers were sold in the United States as "40th Anniversary Limited Edition" models. They were available in 2 colours; Antique Sage Pearl (often referred to as Riverrock, Pewter, or Grey) and Emerald Green. The 40th Anniversary models included apron badges, a serial number badge on the centre console, black pearl exterior badges, "40th Anniversary Limited Edition" embroidered floor mats, automatic climate control, two-tone tan and brown leather interiors, and wheels with the "D" windows painted dark gray. Many were manufactured with the optional electric front and rear locking differentials, keyless entry, port-installed roof racks, and running boards. There are some examples that did not have many of these extras. This is the last year for the electric locking front differentials.
    So here in australia the 40th anniversary models were not quite as fancy as the american ones, i think we got the lower spec ones, bare in mind all the american ones were 1FZFE engines, where here both the diesel and petrol engine models were sold, the diesel being the premium model.

    My spec:

    Auto Trans
    Fulltime 4WD w/locking centre diff
    GX interior
    Electric Windows
    Electric Mirrors
    Premium audio, 6 speaker(has been removed and has hilux audio unit installed)
    Cruise control
    Central locking w/keyless entry(fobs missing)
    Color - antique sage pearl(or as my mates call it "grandpa gold")
    Body color flares
    Running boards

    Last edited: Aug 13, 2018
  4. Dervis Garip

    Dervis Garip Well-Known Member Supporter I am in cyprus

    Welcome and thanks for sharing. So
    Many variants of these wonderful machine always a pleasure to learn and see more.
  5. clivehorridge

    clivehorridge Well-Known Member Guru I am in romania

    Welcome aboard LC80, more photos would be nice, it looks a good truck and unlikely to be suffering from rust like most of us do in Europe...
  6. Dave 2000

    Dave 2000 Well-Known Member Supporter I am in spain

    Welcome, nice 80, given it's condition I would not modify, I would wrap in cotton wool, use 'for best'and buy a 'cheapie' for modding.

    The 40th will make a great pension contribution in a few years time. :icon-biggrin:


  7. LC80_GXL

    LC80_GXL New Member I am in australia

    Yeah cheers fellas, i've been quite busy with the tourist season lots of towing and RAA jobs out here, but i have had a lil time to fix few things on goldie.
    I sourced a new cover for the internal door handle on drivers door, as well as new pocket above the radio(in the gxl its a drink holder) and a new nameplate for the rear hatch door, all genuine toyota from Amayama.
    Just ordered a full set of 5 Dynamic 16x8J 13neg offset, in black, and will be getting the alloys refurbished and put away.
    I've fitted the mongoose keyless system to the toyota central locking, and free'd up the drivers door lock which was sticky and felt like it was going to break.
    I've removed the hilux radio deck and found the previous owner has hacked away at the facia to get the deck to fit, so now i am trying to source a new facia, not having much luck, amayama emailed yesterday to say the manufacturer have ceased making this part, so i'm back to square one, might have to find a NOS.
    Anyway i have fitted my sony deck and GME TX4500S and will worry about the facia fit latter when i can find a good one.
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