New tyres and springs for LJ79

Tsavo Oct 8, 2019

  1. Tsavo

    Tsavo New Member

    Hi all, after some basic repairs (on a budget) of my old '91 LJ79 it's time for a suspension upgrade and appropriate tyres, and I'd like to ask some advice!

    Current tyres put on by previous owner are 235/85 R16 A/T Dunlops which are just not at all what should be on this car if you ask me. After speaking to a dealer I'm thinking of fitting 265/75 R16 M/T Kumhos. They seem to be a more appropriate size for this model/engine and with better dirt/mud/offroad performance.

    Secondly, the rear springs are absolutely shot and embarrassingly bouncy. No record of recent replacement of rear shocks either. Combined with the hard, high psi tarmac tyres I'm sure you can imagine how it feels on anything but the smoothest roads. It currently has stock Toyota shocks and front coil springs and totally destroyed Robs Magic rear springs.

    I'm planning to replace front and rear springs with Ironman 'performance' strength coil springs and rear shocks shocks with Ironman foam cells. Front shock absorbers were recently replaced so I'd like to leave those in for now, assuming they'll fit with the new springs.

    As a bit of a newbie, any advice or thoughts on these plans would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance :D
  2. Chris Boorer

    Chris Boorer Member I am in australia

    I'm guessing the Nes ironman springs will be a 2'' lift if so you will need new shocks all round unless the shocks that are on it are already a set for the extra lift, should bring some new life into the old dog feel like a new truck, the mud terrain tyres will make it look good also, a couple of pics or before and after would be great
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