P1420 DTC HDJ100

t1pper Aug 8, 2019

  1. t1pper

    t1pper Well-Known Member I am in uk

    After 100,000 miles of trouble free motoring today the check engine light came on, fault code P1420, turns out it appears to be the shut off flap in the inlet manifold not working.

    I tested the circuit and it produces a vacuum when the key turns off but I believe the diaphram in the actuator is leaking, as it will not work/or hold a vacuum and the linkage is not siezed.

    Firstly just wondered how it senses that the acutuator is not working and produces a DTC

    Also I cant buy just the actuator from Toyota but I need the whole "venturi" and it is quite expensive!

    Anyone had to do a budget fix on this.
  2. jibberjabber

    jibberjabber Active Member

    Yep, looks like your stuck with buying a new or used venturi PN 2610017021
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