1. art metcalf

    art metcalf New Member I am in united_states

    son, 15, wants to take over the fj62 we have had for many years as his vehicle. we live on the beach in NC and has been great vehicle for years
    He would like to make some mods and most teens do
    • any suggestions of sites for bumpers, lifts etc
    • any things I should stay away from (from your experiences) that cause prob in long run
    • really anything
    thx, art and cannon
  2. Rodger

    Rodger Well-Known Member

    Welcome Art & Cannon,

    It maybe worth taking a look at www.sor.com - Spectre Off Road - based in LA. Although they seem to specialise in 40 series they do carry quite a large selection of 60 series goodies, including suspension.

    That's the only supplier of 60 series in the US that I know but maybe other members will know specialist suppliers.

    We like photos .... NC, on the beach & your FJ62 - we look forward to seeing them!


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