Pros and cons of 2.5m roofrack

SimonD Jun 18, 2016

  1. SimonD

    SimonD Well-Known Member I am in uk

    Would one of you be able to post, or direct me to, a picture of an installed 2.5m roofrack? If you have one, what are the pros and cons besides the obvious ones like overloading it? Do you have it sticking out over the windscreen or projecting backwards?

    My current Patriot roofrack is 222x140mm but I want a sunroof hatch similar to the one that African Outback/Big Country offers. The current rack is too short to accommodate it due to its configuration. I know Patriot do two sizes and I'm guessing Big County/AO and Tembo will be able to consider this sort of mod. I do have a table under the rack [frontrunner] so will need to ensure the clearance is still enough to cover this.
  2. SimonD

    SimonD Well-Known Member I am in uk

    Bump? Tembo will add a sunroof hatch to their roof rack. The African Outback sunroof hatch rack is no longer made by Big Country.
  3. Chris

    Chris Super Moderator Supporter I am in europe

    I have the 2500 Patriot. Pros? It's 2.5 m long. Cons? Can't think of any. But I wanted a 2.5 meter rack. I wouldn't put one on a SWB collie that's for sure. If I'd stuck with a fold out fabric tent then I wouldn't have gone so long. But the James Baroud uses the entire 2 meters of my old AO one. I wanted the sunroof hatch too but couldn't get one and that was years back. The extra half meter means I can pack 3 Wolf boxes across the back or use it for chairs and other bulk stuff. I used to have the spare room at the front of the rack but moved the JB forward after a while to be more aerodynamic. It's easier to get gear out of the back section by climbing onto the bumper.
  4. SafariTecPeter

    SafariTecPeter Well-Known Member I am in norway

    I have to agree with alot of what Chris is writing.
    If one does go for an overhang, I`d personally let it protrude forward. Its also to do with how the weight sits
    I did the same last year on a Land Rover 110-> Fitted the JB way forward. That way we could use the rear ladder to crawl up onto the RR, leave our shoes etc out on the "porch" before we climed in. Got quite a few blanke stares as the Madame tiptoed over the meadow in Highheels & climed the RR :cool:

    Anyways, IF one goes for the "oversized" RR & fits a RRT like the one Chris & I have, then the extra load space is great & provided You have a rear entrande to the mentioned RTT, there is a big gain there too.
  5. Firewout

    Firewout Well-Known Member I am in belgium

    image.jpg I have safaritecpeters setup on my landcruiser and I totally agree with his arguments.
    You can sit on the box to put your shoes on and off and its also a good 2 m high lookout platform.
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