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Karlosfandango Oct 12, 2017

  1. Karlosfandango

    Karlosfandango Active Member I am in uk

    Our rear door is a bit slack. It feels like it should be able to hold itself half open rather than just swing open all the way. I know there is the lock open option but should there be some resistance to stop it flapping around as soon as you let go of it?

    I've tried greasing it but it's just more whippy now!
  2. Rob Cowell

    Rob Cowell Well-Known Member I am in wales

    Unfortunately they do sort of fall open. And worse than that if you let it swing open on a downhill it's likely to split the door skin around the bottom hinge and cause the door to sag. You just have the be careful and hold onto the door as you open it.
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  3. TonyP

    TonyP Super Moderator Supporter I am in uk

    Yip, mine got caught by the Dartmoor wind and banged open. It's never been the same since, think I am going to have to do the washer mod.

    This has been fixed on the 150's with a small damper
  4. Karlosfandango

    Karlosfandango Active Member I am in uk

    Just removed the bracket that sits under the bottom of the door. There are three rubber pieces that slow the movement of the door. Two to hold it halfway and another that sort of dampens it when fully open. I just pulled these out and used a small nut about (anything about 3mm) to take up the slack.

    It's improved things quite a bit. It will hold the door mid way and reduces the wrenching when it does open completely.

    IMG_1696.JPG IMG_1700.JPG
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