Sahara Front Camera Relocation

4robbos May 16, 2016

  1. 4robbos

    4robbos New Member I am in australia

    I have had the Toyota bullbar installed and it now severely limits the view of the front camera for both pulling out of car parks in the shopping centre and for checking tyre locations and terrain when off road. Also, I cannot use the designated points for mounting spotlights or a light bar as that would block the camera completely. Is it easy to move the camera or does anyone produce a kit to shift it to a better place? Thanks for your help. Photos would be great if you can but not essential.
  2. Stotty Monster

    Stotty Monster New Member I am in australia

    Hi 4robbos, ARB has now just released their Sahara Summit bar which requires the front camera to be relocated. ARB has a kit designed as a plug and play for relocation. Noting that it is mounted 150 mm lower and 150 mm to the right of center (if a winch is installed).
    Hope this Helps?
    Stotty Monster
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