US spec. fj40 vs a import fj40


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I am in united_states
Nov 8, 2019
Can any one tell me how to ID a us spec. fj40 from a import fj40 such as from central america. ? thanks


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Mar 6, 2010
Ugijar, Spain
I guess it depends upon what the distribution arrangements were in Toyota at that time. But if you put the VIN number into it may show a CA vehicle as 'general' as opposed to North America.
Alternatively you could contact the Land Cruiser Museum in Salt Lake City an they may be able to tell you if CA 40s were imported via the USA, direct or via South America.
American spec 40s had extra side reflectors, separate indicators (mounted on the valance) and wing mounted, single filament side lights. Undoubtedly there were other changes but those are the most obvious, but these variances may also apply to CA vehicles.
As SA was one of the first contionents to have its own production of 40s it would not surprise me if CA had vehicles from that production plant, so again the VIN could give you an answer.

Not very conclusive, I'm afraid, but hopefully is some help.


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