Why do i not see more barn doors

Van Rhyn Jun 22, 2019

  1. nielsc

    nielsc Member I am in belgium

    Barn door or not has not much to do with UN spec or not however they do seem to prefer them.
    I always believed the barn doors were standard on the GX (low spec models without wheel arch flares and clotch interior etc), and the tailgate was optional on those, and stock on the VX models.
    I have seen a few 24 valve cruisers with barn doors over here wich are always GX spec.
  2. Van Rhyn

    Van Rhyn New Member I am in south_africa

    Hahahah thanks for replying. Love the ashtray part . My hilux broke the gearbox n few days ago in the desert up in namibia so im also full time in my 80. Going to rebuild it for next year with a d4d gearbox. My 80 has been getting a wet floor on the passenger side . Cant find any leaks . Any idea what it is. Also its clean water and not antifreez. I have now blocked the rear window cleaner pipe to see if it maybe have a hole in it
  3. clivehorridge

    clivehorridge Well-Known Member Supporter Guru I am in romania

    Can’t help really on where your leak may be from, if it’s clear water, it’s most likely to be rainwater entering from one of the window seals. If it’s at the front it’s most likely the windscreen, at the rear, most likely a rear side window.

    It would be unusual for any of the door glasses to leak water into the truck, and one of the main offenders for leaks is the sun-roof if you have one.

    Several posts on here deal with various causes of leaks, but I can’t guide you to any in particular, sorry.
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