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    FZJ80R from Devon

    Richard, hows is your LPG running and the Flashlube? I'm considering installing a Flashtube as no 'additive' for last 4 years and running LPG more now. Any way to gauge when needed? Thanks
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    My 80

    looks good. What is the alu. metal casing from?
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    Parts for 80 (4.5 Auto Petrol/lpg 1996 Australian import)

    I use ChapelGate, 80breakers, PartSouq, Amayama and some US dealers for parts. Best if you can get outa Aussie (especially if you can get w/o VAT, import taxes)
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    80 series dashboard

    I've a US 97 petrol, if that helps at any time
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    Speedo works, trip counters not

    couldn't get mine seperated with needle and didn't want to force. Will look to try again at some stage but will pickup a donated Camry or Corolla piece (on the basis one of those trip meters may work
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    Air con idler pulley...........

    I've an idler pulley to replace, likely this week and will see (once get my dash all back together - due to aerial coax that ain't pulling thru with radio aetenna needing replacing) if thats my issue or if need to did into A/C compressor
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    The big three O.

    352K on mine - 1997
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    Brackets for tubular sidesteps / running boards.

    interested in what you get done
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    My HDJ80 Overland Build - Part Deux!

    looks great, Mike. Awaiting the inside adventure. Whats the top dimensions (ground to top of roof when closed; front of truck bumper to rear and side to side)
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    Any top tips on how to remove these??

  11. thelal

    I need some sort of help

    very tidy lookn
  12. thelal

    Knuckle stud gone

    fixed up ok and will keep an eye on 'em,
  13. thelal

    Knuckle stud gone

    Disagreement on locktite is that Toyota doesn't mention it, but then doesn't mention this part anyways as replacement so no torque specs. Diehards no locktite, others use it just in case On the grease, maybe leakage on oil. Will need to check later
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    Knuckle stud gone

    Did 4 hour easy drive on Sat and felt very slight tremor on right turns. No other issues. Thought maybe front bearing on front right was loose again and maybe need to tighten up (had to tighten 5k ir 2 months ago and don't do a lot of driving, no offroad atm) Was due an oil change and some other...
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    80/100 Rear body extensions/conversions

    Yet - got it wrong. Here's some pics from camping trip with Jorge/Jessica from Yes - I had the name wrong Heres some pictures from camping in Donegal with Jessica/Jorge
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