22r Caburetor Mod - Need help Identifing the Emulsion Tubes

SeriousIQ Mar 13, 2015

  1. SeriousIQ

    SeriousIQ New Member I am in malaysia

    Hi All,

    New to the forum but thought it would be a wealth of knowledge in one place that I can hopefully tap into. I have a Toyota LAnd Cruiser II, 1990 with a 22r petrol engine. Needless to say, gas mileage is poor but I'm stuck with her, so finding ways to improve liters per kms is a good place to start.


    I have had the Carby off a few times as I have seen the video on you tube regarding making modifications to the emulsion tubes ensuring a decent pre-mix to the fuel, see here: w w w.H T T P / /youtube.com/watch?v=Qmc6_Uhu2Mc&feature=share&fb_ref=share

    What I can't do is ID from my schematic where the emulsion tubes are and was wondering if anyone can tell me where they are located on my model of Carburetor. See Attached:
    22R Toyota Landcruiser - My Carb schematic.png Very close to my Carb but not sure it is exact match.png

    One shows the exact Carby schematic and the other shows one that is very close (Maybe even the same Carby) but with additional "indications" of parts on the Carby.... Sorry this is hard to explain but I am sure you guys get the gist.

    Anyway any help is most appreciated.

  2. SeriousIQ

    SeriousIQ New Member I am in malaysia

    Anyone???? Anyone at all????
  3. Julian T

    Julian T Well-Known Member I am in south_africa

    Sorry cant help you, last time I saw a 22R engine it was a gutless wonder in a toyota cressida, and carburettors are the devils invention...........
    Seriously I have no idea so I will be hoping you get the answer you need.

    On a different note I never knew that the 22R was fitted to any land cruiser, I know it was fitted to the hilux and the hiace.
    I believe on this forum the majority of land cruisers are diesel so petrol information will probably be thin on the ground.
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