For Sale FJ60 Orange County, Ca.


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I am in united_states
Feb 16, 2015
So sad to let her go but need a new work van, you can see all the details in my craigslist add.
Text anytime, Kevin @ 949-291-5100

I bought this rig about in September, 2013. I hate to sell it but need to buy a new van for work. It's been my daily driver since I've owned it. I didn't take the time to clean it up just yet, at this point trying to see if anyone is interested. Willing to let it go any day as I need the new van for work ASAP. I'll give you the good and bad and if there's any questions after please contact me anytime, preferably text as I don't hear the phone at work very much.

I've gone through most of the major stuff on the rig as I was never intending to let go of it. It's been a fun project and I was about 80% finished.

The Bad:
Transmission and Transfer case work and run fine but leak oil, they should be rebuilt or at least replace the seals
Only issue I've never been able to solve is the fly wheel isn't marked properly and I haven't been able to time it just right. I've only been able to time it by feel and test drives. I was going to take to a mechanic to have done right and never got to that one.
If you saw it without all my stuff in it the carpet is pretty dirty but a carpet kit would solve that problem. The seats are worn but not that dirty.
The power steering pump about every month or 2 will blow out most of the fluid. I've re done the clamps and some hoses going into it and it's much better but occasionally still leaks.
If you want A/C you'll need to put in a new pulley with 3 wheels (instead of the 2 wheels it has now, the extra 1 for the A/C belt) and you'll need a new A/C pump, the one in it is frozen.
Only other bad news is if your picky you'll want to replace some of the weather stripping and rubber around the head lights.

The Good:
I bought this one because the frame and body panels are straight and there was no rust and that still stands.
I've replaced every seal and gasket on the motor and it doesn't leak anything at all.
Other than the timing issue the motor runs strong.
In the last year and a half and less than 15,000 miles I've replaced or the power steering pump, battery, a couple pulleys, new exhaust pipe from the drop down from the motor back with new muffler, water pump, fan clutch, fuel filter.
Since I've owned it it's had an oil change every 3,000 miles
Goodyear Wrangler 33x12.5 R15LT Tires (pure awesomeness) with about 5,000 miles on them and plenty of tread left. The Wrangles have little road noise and handle like crazy off road (over $1,200 for the set)
Valve adjustment done my my mechanic about 10,000 miles ago
has a pretty awesome stereo but should replace the wires at some point. There's an amp for the 4 speakers and a separate amp for the sub

Only thing I'm removing is the front seat covers you can have the rest!

If you want it I'll leave in the custom surf rack, can also remove it if you want. There were no holes drilled to put it in, I used all existing screws that hold up the inside panels.

Overall this thing has been the funnest daily driver I've ever had and is a beast, I've only had it off road a few times but handled amazing and I'm so sad to let it go but I need to work.
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