Funny Pictures

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I am in england
Mar 15, 2010
Merton Park London
Here's some funny animal pictures..
Turbo duck

Turbo duck.jpg

The one that got away,

The one that got away.jpg

Sometimes you just need a hug

Sometimes you just need a hug.jpg

Someone has to be lookout

Somebody has to be lookout.jpg

Mind that car, slow down, that light was red, look out for that old lady. Women? they're all the same.


Stayin alive stayin alive. . .

Morning yoga.jpg

Laughing dormouse

Laughing dormouse.jpg

Hover hamster

Hover hampster.jpg

Hole in one.

Hole in one.jpg

Different perspective

different perspective.jpg

Chubby Unicorn

Chubby Unicorn.png

Angel bear.


A slap in the face with a wet fish

A slap in the face with a wet fish.jpg
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