HZJ Toyota Oil on drvers foot, Speedo cable

Bungarra Jan 2, 2017

  1. Bungarra

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    LC speedo.jpg
    Buggy speedo cable with the rubber that was missing

    My wife has a 1996 Toyota HZJ 75 tray back ute and complained about oil on her foot. By the smell of the oil it has come from the gearbox.

    I googled this with no luck.

    So reasoning the only place it could possibly get there was up through the speedo cable. So I ordered a new one which are not very expensive $32 delivered.

    I started at the gearbox, unscrew the speedmeter cable from the housing. A pair of multigrips is the go for this. A 12 mm spanner takes the lug off that holds the speedometer housing in the gearbox. I removed the housing & cleaned it up pulled it apart & got out the rubber grommet inside the housing

    LC speedo housing.jpg
    The speedometer housing, drive shaft, internal rubber grommet

    Thinking the grommet may be the culprit I pulled another housing out of one of my HJ75 bull buggys that have had their speedo cable ripped off in the scrub. I was surprised to find that the cable had an extra rubber
    on the cable side. Even the new cable did not have one ?

    Now I am assuming this little bugger of a rubber is my cause of the problem.

    So rather than the trouble of replacing the speedometer cable. I have put the rubber back on the old cable in the HZJ 75 and will post an update on the result.

    5th Jan.... 700 klm trip to Perth (OZ) no oil on foot. Proof will be when she returns i 2 weeks...... ahhhh I love those brownie points :):sunglasses:

    3rd of March.... 3000 klm still no oil... :)
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