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My 90 - Chewy

mrdelmonti Sep 1, 2013

  1. mrdelmonti

    mrdelmonti Well-Known Member Supporter Promoted Company I am in uk

    Well I thought I might as well start a little thread to keep track of progress on Chewy, it'll be slow but I'll get there.

    First off I thought I should start with a little of my history of my offroaders prior to my first LC.

    It all started off with a Land Rover Series 3 bought blind off ebay, it'd been sat unused for 5 years but needed little to get through the MOT, wish I hadn't sold it.


    Had a 110 Hi-Cap for a brief period, I was then offered 4x what I paid for it so away it went.


    Then there was a Frontera, bit of heavy lumbering beast


    Then it was a Disco 2, I enjoyed it but I was constantly chasing problems and the parts weren't cheap.


    So I had a while without anything offroady until the OH told me get one as I was driving her up the wall, so I went for something a little different.


    And here we are now with Chewy


    Since this photo has been taken I've put a CB in, a bodylift and some erm repairs are happening today so I'll update with photos later.
  2. sae70

    sae70 Well-Known Member I am in uk

    Nice selection of vehicles there, I do like the look of the 110 Hi-Cap :icon-biggrin: What one do you miss the most? You would be very welcome to have a look at my winch tray at Lincomb :icon-biggrin:
  3. mrdelmonti

    mrdelmonti Well-Known Member Supporter Promoted Company I am in uk

    Cheers, got to say I miss the series the most, it just had so much character, I didn't even mind the fact I got wet when driving in the rain.
  4. mrdelmonti

    mrdelmonti Well-Known Member Supporter Promoted Company I am in uk

    Well as said Chewy has been undergoing a bit of surgery, the rear end has been a bit erm... neglected and the rear body mounts were well past their best so they required replacement.

    I ordered the nearside mount from Toyota but the offside mount was discontinued so I got someone to fab up a new one.

    Friday was spent grinding out the old ones with the help of Trevor


    Today a friendly mechanic came down and welded the new ones on, nice strong welds.



    Excuse the gold, they'll be painted up black eventually but for the time being they're protected.

    After Lincomb my job is going to be tidying up the rear end, it's all solid now just needs a clean up and some protection.
  5. Shayne

    Shayne Well-Known Member Supporter Guru

    My plan is to add a bit of 3mm steel sheet to the towbar once i've cleaned up and painted the rust . The sheet will serve no purpose but it will slide up under the plastic bumper to hide the chassis and should make for a very solid looking rear end .
    Last edited: Sep 1, 2013
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