old 3.0 or new 2.8


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I am in uk
Feb 26, 2020
I would love to see a comparison between the two engines. I have hunted the net and failed to find anything.
Is the newer one better or is has it been introduced to meet new legislation.
Can anyone point me to a review


I am in australia
Oct 11, 2016
Gold Coast
I havnt owned the new one but it should be better. Only concern I have is it's a smaller engine pushing the same or more power. I have heard lots saying the 2.8 is gutless and lots saying it's more powerful than the 3.0. Best bet would be to drive one and see for yourself.


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I am in great_britain
Jun 17, 2019
Kettering, Northamptonshire
Presumably the 2.8 was designed from scratch to run with a DPF, though how suitable your use would be to keep the DPF happy is for you to decide.

I understand from the John Cadogan's youtube channel that due to numerous DPF issues the latest models now have a manual regeneration mode via driver operated switch, i personally think is an excellent idea, whether this would be able to be retrofitted to a UK model i don't know, but might be worth investigating because it puts you in charge (as in many trucks where driver can cancel or trigger regen when suitable) of when and where the thing regens and not this pot luck method used in most cars.

As for which is better, only you can decide by test driving, we all drive differently so each of us require a different driving experience, i myself am happy with how the 3.0 litre drives, but then i haven't test driven a 2.8 and will do my best to avoid DPF's for as long as i can.
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I am in great_britain
Dec 3, 2016
There’s no replacement for displacement I was always told.
Agree 100%

Some of the claimed outputs from little 2.00 and 2.8 engines are incredible but come at the price of higher fuel consumption and shorter engine life and as you indicate there is no substitute for CC's and cylinders .

I think the popularity of the Ford Ranger Pickup is in no small part due to the offer of a 5 cylinder 3.2 L engine when most others are only 4 cylinders and sub 3 litre with many now getting towards 2.0L . Not that I would buy a Ranger ...it's put together by Ford after all .

We see the trend in the Ag world with many makers now using 4 cylinder engines in tractors that are 200hp plus , fine until it starts needing to lug or pull a load up a hill.....often a supposedly lower HP 6 cylinder engine will then walk all over it .

I used to have a 350cc 2 cylinder 2 stroke motorbike that produced just shy of 74hp .......but it needed new rings etc every 2000 miles .


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I am in great_britain
Jun 17, 2019
Kettering, Northamptonshire
Grimbo, i had one of those 3.2 engined Rangers pencilled in as a possible future purchase, due for no other reason than much cheaper used buy than Hilux and by the time i want one the 3 litre Hilux's will be rare indeed.

Then i read about the issues with oil changing on the 3.2, has to be completed within 15 mins or something ridiculous or the oil pump can't self prime the oil!!!!, never heard anything so ridiculous, what happens if you need to remove the sump for a leaking gasket or to check the pick up strainer say, how do you get oil pressure back.
barge pole job.


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Feb 2, 2013
South Wales UK
Toyota themselves answer this question , nobody uses racehorses down mine shafts so they build some trucks with that in mind .
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